Monday, October 01, 2012

29 On The 29th And An Unexpected Eulogy

.:The Birthday Weekend That Was...:.

 It was a very quiet weekend for me, despite everything I was up to. I really spent most of my time contemplating, and talking to someone who really made a difference last weekend, giving me something I never had for the past two years: her time.

 Friday started things out with the IMMAP Open Mic Night, and it was pretty funny that they insisted I be one of the first speakers, facing off with The Mom Blogger on whether or not Twitter influencers should be paid. There were so many interesting things going on that night, even a quick spell where I had to debate the merits of calling myself straight edge with someone, and a reconnection with Wincy Ong, whom I knew from Ateneo and Reedley.

Nonetheless, IMMAP OMN3 was a success, and I was glad to be a part of it. It was also the third anniversary of the Disenchanted Kingdom that night, so yeah. More reasons to celebrate.

Saturday was pretty interesting, what with me dropping by the Morning Rush, and finding myself surrounded by so many rushers that morning. It was surreal how many of us managed to fit there, but it was great to be in familiar ground, especially since my birthday was going to be pretty much unchartered territory for me, except the helping out part.

To cap off my relatively quiet day, I actually went and opened for Mike Unson's comedy show in Grillery, where I debuted a modified set that focused on my relationship jokes. I'm glad it went over pretty well, actually. They ended up surprising me with a cake after the party, replete with a fork design. That was very thoughtful.

Sunday was spent in Bulacan with an old friend, and we watched "The Mistress." Overall, it was a very simple birthday weekend, but it was very meaningful because someone finally greeted me and actually waited me for midnight. I waited for years for this to happen, and all I could say is that after everything has been said and done, it was well worth the wait...

.:An Unexpected Eulogy:.

I never expected that just shortly after meeting him and talking shop with him about random stuff online, my friend and sportscasting legend, Butch Maniego, has passed away.

It saddens me knowing that I would never get to seat myself across him in a prerelease tournament anymore. It saddens me knowing that I can't joke around with him on Twitter any longer. It saddens me I will never get to read his 8 List article that I was hoping would have killer insights about Philippine basketball, if not Philippine sports. It also saddens me to know that he was also friends with someone dear to me, and neither of us even knew until today.

I wonder what he would have said to either of us if he knew? I wonder what more conversations we could have had with each other especially now? Would things have been different for us?

I don't really know what to say. I've only been friends with him so briefly, yet as a part of countless sportscasting teams over the years, it's like I've known him all my life already. I so want to say so many things to him, but maybe I'll get to tell him these things some other way.

For now, I guess I can't help but feel an immense amount of regret, knowing that I never got to speak to him enough times before he passed on. He was a fountain of wisdom and pragmatism. And he was, through everything, a great person.

Thank you for having been a part of my life, Butch. You will sincerely and truly be missed.

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