Sunday, October 12, 2003

I can’t believe this piece of crud I’m about to quote right now even managed to see print, much less believe that the author had anything to actually gain by exposing herself to an open season with all the people who now see her for what she truly is: an imbecile who just shot herself in the foot. All text in blue would be from me.

I’m a sanctimonious jabroni and I know it. I’m as competitive as Hades, all the same. However, I draw the line at using a public venue as a chance to blatantly air out a personal vendetta bordering on libel and wash my hands of any accountability at the same time. My competitiveness also stops when my bringing other people down begins. I simply don’t see the point in doing that, as it only means I can only get even but never really get ahead… and thus, as I implicate myself somewhat in citing this, I believe I am justified in calling a spade a spade.


It’s the end of the semester. While the younger batches maybe (sic) just looking forward to the sembreak, this spells another truth for seniors: we are just a semester away from graduation (except for those whose courses require another year). Our time in this university is running out.

My parents and my friends who have graduated advised me to enjoy my last year in college and make the most of it. Friends who graduated from the same course I’m in gave me additional advice I’ve always taken seriously but never knew the value of until now: choose your thesis topic and groupmates well. Now I know how right they were: it can re3ally spell the big difference between enjoying your thesis and seeing to its grand completion with great excitement and pride, and dreading each and every day you have to even think about it. Suffice it to say I learned it the hard way.

I guess this has really been among my main problems in college: I feel that people are not as responsible as I feel I am, and it frustrates me (::rolls eyes::). I would have to say this is one characteristic of Sen. Loren Lagarda (sic) I can relate to: to quote her interview with The Guidon, “I like getting things done ahead of time and doing what is right. That’s why I am always stressed even now. I always do what is expected of me,” then she goes on to share how it can get frustrating at times since not all people have the same attitude.

You know how weird but at the same time good it feels to hear your feelings and thoughts being echoed by someone else, especially by someone you admire? Even my friend, our Features editor, pointed out how she remembered me when she came across this quote.

It was just so true- and it was so like how I feel (Valley girl mode: on.). Sometimes you just want to cry out loud in frustration because some people just aren’t responsible and they get mad when you ask them to do things that are expected of them. Oh how you wish everyone could be just like you in these moments.

But people can’t be just like you (And thank God they can’t. Do we really need a bunch of horse-faces running around?) So you wish you were doing things alone in steasd of feeling frustrated that there are people who are supposed to be helping you but they are just not willing to. What do you do when these people tell you they are not feeling well yet they’re the only ones who don’t see how pale you’ve become and how much weight you’ve lost? Or when they tell you they have a paper or a reading to finish and complain they have a lot to do and they’re the only ones who don’t realize that you’re up to your neck with work as well? You’re all in the same predicament, but still they don’t work as hard as you do.

And looking back at three and a half years in college, I realize what my biggest fault was: I took college way too seriously (And here I thought it was your superiority complex.). Too much responsibility while expecting the same from other people has been my Achilles’ Heel. I also let myself be affected by everything too much, at the expense of my health, my relationships with other people, and my mental and emotional well-being.

But I don’t think it’s too late for me to relax my stance (Really? You can still let go of the stranglehold you have on that dearth of diplomacy and selflessness you obviously have?). Seniors have one semester to enjoy being a student, to spend much-needed time with people who matter, to enjoy their course, and not be too uptight about school. Before you know it, you no longer have the luxury of four-hour breaks, impromptu movie dates, or lunch outs (sic).

Still, I maintain that there has to be a balance somewhere between relaxing and being responsible; between being a pain in the *ss to some people and doing your share. Then responsibility won’t have to feel like a liability.

Let me clear my throat for a while…


That felt much better.

Cry me a freaking river, jabroni! You sound like you’re the only one carrying all the trials and tribulations of this world. How absolutely pathetic can you get? It’s gotten to a point where you’re so hilarious already: you seem to have forgotten all about diplomacy, tact, and everything that could save your sorry excuse for dignity. You even shot yourself in the foot by earning more enemies than you ever did throughout your whole life prior to this single act, as at least 2,000 readers of the Guidon have more likely than not taken notice of your rather insidious attempt at taking a potshot at your thesis partners, who both happen to be people I know and respect.

Oh, so maybe you made sure nobody can charge you with libel by writing this article the way you wrote it. Who the Hades cares? The mere fact that this was a contemplated act, and the mere fact that YOU happen to be the one who determines what does and doesn’t see print in the publication all point to the undeniable truth: as a journalist, you’re like a human vacuum cleaner- you suck and blow at the same time.

The main reason I never really wanted in on the Guidon was because I am such an opinionated sumbish that I didn’t think I can keep my thoughts on any matter to myself. Fact of the matter is, you seem to have an even harder time keeping your venomous pen shut. You insulted your thesis partners after your defense was over and done with, and you even had the gall to air it out with the entire Ateneo population at hand to see the spotlight trained on you. Hooray for journalism excellence! Here’s a shining beacon to the future of journalism: a libelous bastich who not only has problems separating the personal from the professional, but even does her editorial work so well no less than THREE clerical and grammatical errors have materialized in the entire body of her own journalistic endeavor. Amazing!

Oh, you’re going to hear about this from me, and from a lot of other people. I don’t give a flying freak if you won’t let any of our letters see print, but the bottomline is, you will realize that the public is on to you. You not only screwed yourself out of two very good friends, you even screwed yourself out of the Departmental Award, considering nobody would want someone as vile as you are to represent their department. If Abby or Willard or anyone else pick up that honor, they ironically have you to thank for it.

You wanted to lambast your thesis partners? Go get a freaking weblog and vituperate about them all you want there. At least, nobody has to be forced to read about your codswallop if they didn’t want to stumble into your website, in the first place. And besides all three readers you have would wholeheartedly agree with what you’d have to say there, so no hate mail, whatsoever. You made the sorry mistake of putting it in the bloody university publication, with a circulation of at least 2,000, and you have the gall to stand on your soapbox and proclaim yourself as the epitome of responsibility and integrity. I have a good mind to knock you off that soapbox, take this keyboard I’m typing on right now, shine it up real nice, turn the sumbish sideways, and shove it up where the freaking roody-pooh sun doesn’t shine, jabroni.

I kept my silence about you all these years because I felt we shared quite a few things in common: the competitive nature, the perfectionist attitude, and the concept of majis. Unfortunately, you seem to have gone down a path even one of my malevolence would refuse to take: the path of ignominy and blindness to the truth, the path of counterproductivity, and ultimately, the path to your impending, inevitable fall.

Go to Hades, just go. For your own sake.

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