Friday, October 03, 2003

I was supposed to say something pretty pertinent about the meeting with Sach last Tuesday, but I guess I'll leave it for now. I really forgot, and to think it was fairly important, to my recollection. Whatever it was.


.:The ADMU-DLSU Rivalry?:.

Seriously, what rivalry? If you're talking about a genuine rivalry of one-upmanship, then by jove, that kind of a rivalry was over about a decade or so ago. All we currently have at this point is media hype of a celebrated rivalry that no longer exists.

Let's face it: people nowadays don't feel the same kind of passion that the other students a decade or two ago felt that led them to frequent fights and even untimely deaths over UAAP games. Now, that is obviously a good thing, as far as peace and order would be concerned. Nowadays, any "rivalry" that may exist is nothing more than a media ploy for ratings and ticket sales. This media coverage they bombard ADMU and DLSU with in turn exacerbates the tension among the people of these two universities to the point of what may seem to be an actual rivalry.

But then, if this is all media hype, can we really ascertain a rivalry? Obviously not. Playing up isolated incidents between Ateneans and Lasallites does not really prove anything. Fact of the matter is, if media gave just about as much emphasis to Adamson and National University, they can create a "rivalry" between these two universities as well! That's the way it is at present, and believe me: if the media lets up on playing the ADMU-DLSU rivalry card, the issue will die a quiet death.

I'm not undermining any school spirit as far as I'm concerned. What I'm trying to impress upon you here is the fact that people have become more open-minded and more pluralistic in their worldviews. This is not to say that one's priorities become watered down and aimless. Rather, this points us to the conclusion that people are level-headed, given the signs of the times. There's no point in holding on to a purely fabricated rivalry between two universities if you're not worried about ratings or ticket sales, as far as I can see. Having ample school spirit doesn't mean you have to disrespect the sentiments of somebody else.

The ADMU-DLSU rivalry is out of hand only because isolated cases and individuals tend to fan the flames. I'm giving the students of both universities more credit than that and believe they are intelligent enough to know that this is really the case.

Believe in whom, what, and where you wish to believe. I, for one, am still a true Bosconian at heart...

Oh, it's true, jabroni. It's true.

.:Radio 1 Again:.

I went training today for a couple of hours, and I'm glad I'm getting the hang of handling the console and all. Nonetheless, Delle was teaching me a few new tricks to incorporate next time I handle the console, and she was already putting me in the DJ's chair while she and Chico were mostly on the other side of the booth. Ergo, I was virtually on my own.

I managed to acquit myself decently, although a couple of gaffs here and there took place because I was rather used to how Chico and I did the show most of the time. There were times the songs didn't play on time, and the like, but Chico and Delle have been very supportive, and I managed to speak up on air for once. It was good, because I at least did something different for a change...

Nonetheless, I'll be keeping this up. I really am getting better at this, and as if I didn't do enough self-promotion the last time out, there's a high chance I'll be going on air at Radio 1 again on October 11, from 8-10 in the evening. Let's see if I do decently this time, as I'm going to be the one manning the console, and not Matrix...

I completely forgot what I wanted to say about the dinner meeting. Darn.


Thank goodness I remember now. I realized that night that my bet with Sacha is good for only ten years, ergo, eight years by now. I don't think I'm going to lose this bet with that kind of a timeline... :)

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