Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Wow! It certainly looks as though I owe a huge update here…

.:School’s Out:.

It’s a good idea for me to check my options out: the way it’s going, I really think that I can’t get anything higher than a 3.85 this semester, and if that be the case, the only way for my Cum Laude to push through is via a 4.0 next semester. Nonetheless, that’s the least of my worries at this point, what with the semester completely done with, save for the final draft of our thesis, which unfortunately for me, I can do little about, as the defense soft copy happens to be with Imo.

Nonetheless, my Theology oral examinations was quite a riot. I’m sure ma’am Elsa was, at the very least, quite astonished at my very different approach with her exam. She asked me about creation and man’s role as a co-creator, then asked me to link it with the dignifying effects of Christ, then asked me to talk about which part of Liberation Theology made an indelible impact on me. I then took the opportunity to go ahead and perform a magic trick for her, as I made her pick one card to represent justice, and then I proceeded to set aside a card that wasn’t justice, find justice in the deck, find justice on top of the deck, find justice in the card we set aside, and find justice all over the deck. I’m sure she won’t forget that any time soon…

On Friday came the biggest day of the semester: our thesis defense with Mrs. Nannette Diyco. I’m sure most of you would recall my personal misgivings about the teacher, considering the history we had two years ago. Imagine my surprise and amusement when as soon as I started my spiel, she was already nodding in approval, and happily quipping that her daughter did the campaign we made a case study on. To make the whole affair even less formal, she asked me to refrain from calling her “Madame”, which has been an expression I usually employ when I’m in a debating mood. Ah, well. Imo then did her spiel a bit after mine, and Mrs. Diyco had nothing but helpful comments for the whole thesis, which belied our expectation that she will shred us to bits. Apparently, she liked it, and she just wanted to make the thesis seem a bit less idealistic, as she made us specify that while pro bono advertising does have good intentions, it obviously has its share of vested interests.

I was in a particularly good mood, so I took Imo to Burger King. Yeah, so I’m a cheapskate. Big deal. ::chuckles:: nonetheless, I have to say that I had no regrets taking her for my partner. While I know Abby would’ve been an interesting thesis partner for rather obvious reasons, Imo and I really had a rapport that neither of us were aware we actually had. Heh. It was amusing, because Imo told me that she was feeling pressured because “mas masipag daw ako sa kanya”. How ironic because that was exactly how I felt. I thought that she was the one working harder in the group. I guess the silent pressure we both felt egged us on to keep up with the joneses. Throughout the thesis, I was under the impression that if it came to the point that she would end up writing an article about me on the Guidon because I was such a failure as a partner, I prolly wouldn’t have taken it against her. Heh. How was I to know she was thinking the same way?

Everything we could’ve done right, we simply did right. Even the donuts we bought contained Mrs. Diyco’s favorite. We didn’t even have to go for Starbucks to make our thesis adviser, Mr. Sev Sarmenta, happy. A cup of coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts was sufficient. Needless to say, after we submit our final draft, Imo and I are happily expecting a probable A or B+ for our thesis.

On an objective note, if I were to panel myself, I would’ve been merciless to our group… I was just thinking that what we did about pro bono advertising was really nothing new, and we weren’t really “re-inventing” the wheel with the things we discovered about this sector of the industry… ah, well. Aren’t I glad I’m not paneling myself?

.:The Good Luck Continues:.

It’s quite amazing, really. I ran a second straight tournament, and yet another win by one of the Javier brothers happened. I even ended up with an ultra-rare foil of my own for show, because one of the boosters I chose for the booster draft yielded a hot pack. That is, there’s a booster pack in the lot that had twelve foils. On top of that, another foil came out in another pack, namely, “We Lie, We Cheat, We Steal” for the Los Guererros. Seeing as I don’t need any foils, really, I’m just happy I pulled that one for them. Looks like I was on a roll, and my RAW Deal decks continue to impress people, particularly the Smackdown RVD which simply gave my opponents a headache. Imagine having to be forced to reverse a maneuver that does a measly one damage lest ten damage quickly follows it. Even the makeshift People’s Team deck was impressive. Team Angle and Ric Flair aren’t too far behind…

I finally got home, and it was good times at home. Not much was going on, but at least, I’m happy here. There’s a chance I’d still be at my aunt’s house next semester, but regardless, it’s no problem. I managed to do a lot when I went online, and I’m glad I managed to finish all my online stuff sans the blogging bit. I had to miss a couple of OB eyeballs, but I guess it’s fine. The latest hullabaloo going on there doesn’t and shouldn’t concern me, because I don’t want to come across as meddlesome in a venue like that.

Come Monday, I celebrated my anniversary with Grace. To Hades with varsity accreditations. I simply could not forgo making sure that we enjoyed our fourth anniversary together, so as soon as I was done with my training for Radio 1, I met up with Grace already. My SNK vs. Capcom has been improving quite a lot already, but I guess I need a little more practice. I racked up eight wins in Megamall, though. Grace and I were together at Centerpoint, Galleria, and Megamall, and we got a bit too lazy to bother watching a movie… heh. Anyways, she had the time of her life, and I’m glad she liked the simple date we had. We ate at Tortilla Fusion, where we tried Elvin’s recommendation, the Godfather Wrap. No regrets there. I was out of luck with the boosters I bought, but that’s just one miss in a series of hits, I guess. For dinner, nothing like good old Tokyo Tokyo to really fill us up. As is quite obvious, with the dearth of a romantic bone in my body, I’m not really gushing much while I type this, but that doesn’t mean I’m not happy to have celebrated four years with Grace…

.:Morning Rush Madness:.

There’s a funny new commercial we’ve been hearing lately… it’s the San Mig Light Strong “Whapack!” commercial, where the whole ad is filled with the “Whapack” sound effect. The sound effect has been put to creative use as can be seen here…

Voice Talent: …only San Mig Light has that unique ::WHAPACK!!!::

Voice Talent: … so everyone else can just ::WHAPACK!!!:: off.

Brian Gomez: Let San Mig Light ::WHAPACK!!!:: you!

Hmmm…. I wonder if there’s a hidden meaning in there we should know about. ::rolls eyes:: ::WHAPACK!!!::

Delamar was nice to me today, as I was getting the hang of handling the boards. I didn’t make that mistake anymore of accidentally playing an advertisement or a stinger by leaving the Auto On button around… and then we had this little dialogue…

Marcelle: Delle, do you know that Maui Taylor has been growing her hair recently? She’s beginning to look a lot like you all the more.

Delamar: Ginagaya niya lang ako.

Marcelle: Kulang na lang, magpatanggal siya ng implants, talagang magkamukha na kayo.

Delamar: Thank you, ha! Thank you, Erts!

So there you go. A few rushers even dropped by, and it was fun. Ma’am Lea already has a boyfriend… anyways, the rushers were fine company. Lots of funny moments, especially when Meadow was telling me how unromantic I seemed to be… can’t argue with that.

.:Fan Mail:.


---à who both happen to be people I know and respect.

Poor you. Too bad they don’t respect you back..

Interesting comment I got in my LJ recently. While nowhere as amusing as the “Babyshoes” comment Jobert got, it’s still funny nonetheless…

“Get a life”? In case this jabroni didn’t know, I do happen to have one. That’s why I don’t spend my time looking around LJ’s or blogs and posting anonymous comments in the first place.

“They don’t respect you back”? Not that I should care, really. It’s my business to give respect to a person, and expecting such respect back is not always a given. I think that should be fairly obvious in the first place. I’ve had my share of bad group output with April, but Hades, that’s all water under the bridge. I was talking with April just the other day, and she was laughing along with this comment. Whether or not that was sincere is none of my business. I’m just doing my writing, and if you don’t like it, then tune out, neh?

“Poor you”? Ah, no. Poor you, jabroni. You know your opinion is so ruddy wrong you couldn’t even attach a name to it. How positively sad, especially if you had to use a search engine just to get to me. I, on the other hand, would have a bit more intestinal fortitude to attach my name to my opinions, neh? Yeah, so I’m putting myself over again with this, but that’s what fan mail is all about… heh.

.:Last Thoughts:.

-Congratulations to Mr. Bulaong.

-Anything I can do to help with the thesis, Imo, just let me know.

-Grace, I love you!

-RADIO 1: SATURDAY, 8-10 PM. RX 93.1. I’ll be boarding this Saturday.

-If I can’t get a Cum Laude, I’d at least want to try for a certain other thing… :)

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