Wednesday, October 01, 2003

At the risk of seeming as though I were taking advantage of her uncanny generosity, it was Sacha who treated me to dinner. I swear: next time, it has to be me doing the treating...

Of course, we all know why I don't have any money right now, but I'll digress.

Sach and I headed to the Grind at the Strip right after the Ateneo-DLSU game (Which I intend to discuss in a while, perhaps.). Just a bit of interesting onversation, really. I didn't see much need to ask her about her plans in life, because the way she's been gushing about her students all the time pretty much told me the story, already. There's a well-motivated person there, thinking of achieving something that's bigger than she is. Nowadays, with only money and popularity as a guiding principle for a person, it's refreshing to find a person like that. I, for one, realized this, and not that I'm a saint or anything, this is what discouraged me from really considering taking up law. I realize that the money is usually with the guilty, so I don't think I can bear with that.

Nonetheless, other than that, things were going smoothly. Both our orders weren't there, so we both had to settle for something else, each. In spite of that, it was all good. Our conversations were pretty engaging (At least from our standpoint.), and while I certainly would be completely flabbergasted at the first hint of the conversation shifting to computers, I managed to hold my own on most other topics she had in mind. We were talking about free will, the Matrix, and paranoia. I led the topic to finding her something in her wishlist, then she told me how impossible it would've been for me to have found anything. Well, thanx to MarkPoa, that wasn't the case. I showed her the Casebook of the Black Widowers by Isaac Asimov, and I'm glad she like it. I'm keeping I, Robot for myself, since it's a novel and not a collection of short stories.

Then I realized that this was the restaurant Sach was gushing about in her wiki about a week or two ago. And I realized I was suddenly sent into a Scrabble match, my first in at least five years. Not bad. Even though Sach was a bit too generous for my tastes (She deliberately found a way to let me play my Z.), I have to say 244 to 287 is one of the most respectable end-game scores I've ever run into.

I hope a rematch will happen soon. :)

Anyways, after dinner, she went back to Faura to download her students' files for her class. Nothing else, really, but I'm simply glad I managed to spend time with a really nice friend.

Of course, the next day, Elbert was doing Sacha impressions again, and even started dancing around. No, Elbert. It's not that kind of Grind I was talking about... ::chuckles::

And I'm not very comfortable with the term "non-breasts" either. It just sounds so wrong.

And I condemn you to the depths of Hades for giving me images of a certain History teacher grinding around, too... how could you sleep at night, Elbert?

Any person who took the above paragraph seriously should be shot. Any person who took the previous sentence seriously should REALLY be shot.

Sounds like our History long test could be pretty scary... ah, well. We'll see how it turns out.

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