Thursday, October 16, 2003

I'm mostly done with this semester, and I can only hope that things get less haywire from this point on.

I am almost guaranteed to have no more chance of getting a Cum Laude for all my efforts, as when I got my Philosophy paper back, it only yielded a B+ for me. I stumbled on the first minor question, simply because I memorized the EXCERPTS of the different authors, and not the titles of the actual BOOKS where the excerpts came from, such as "Summa Theologica" for Aquinas' "The Five Ways", and Blaise Pascal's "Thoughts" for his "The Wager" article... sigh. Dr. Barbazza then asked a bit about my thesis statement (Should a pluralist not be part of a religion?), as well as my paper (What if the scientists prove that you are a chemical process?). Pretty enlightening oral exams, but an A in the orals, even if it weren't denied of me, couldn't really pull my final grade up to an A...

Moreover, my Theology hopes of getting an A were all but shot down courtesy of our dismaying group report grades, which certainly had a lot to do with our inefficient groupmates... only Elbert and I were really working for it. Ironically, when the other bastiches decided to help out in the oral reports, that's when our grade plummeted from 87 to 82! Do you notice a pattern there?

I sincerely hope those jabronis just die a horrible death. Especially one of them who had the gall to leech off from my study session with Elber without even contributing an iota to the discussion on the oral exams. Worse, he even photocopied Elbert's note. What a bloody leech the bastich is...

Oh, and yeah: this is obviously the proper venue to address issues like this, unlike certain "journalists" I know who'd use other inappropriate venues...

Moving on, I've been spending a lot of time with Grace lately. Not much, really, but she's been an angel. She's been helping me out so much, and I guess if 10 people make it to Cum Laude this year, and I win a certain award I have in mind, I won't feel the least bit bad already.

Hmmm... what else? Our thesis is coming up. Wish me and Imo luck, as we seem to have only one panelist to deal with, which essentially means our work is cut out for us...

Do listen to RX Radio 1 on Saturday, 25 October, 2003. Yes, I'll be boarding.

Delamar celebrated her birthday yesterday. All the power to her.

SNK vs. Capcom is a lovely game. I'm getting the hang of it, and I think I'll be doing remarkably well with it.

Yes, I'm too lazy to answer my Theology thesis statements.

Yes, I'm too lazy to post much else for now. Apparently, I'm too busy at this point, with all my schoolwork. Expect a rejuvenated Marcelle next semester, except if he tries to overload to still push for a Cum Laude. Persistent, isn't he?

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