Thursday, March 10, 2005

.:Today’s LSS:.

I love the story of “Stairway To Heaven”, and of course, the leading girl is one of the most gorgeous girls in South Korea. The thing that I really like is how the tale of requited/unrequited love plays out with such a melody… I don’t know, but I could so relate with how their stories go…

That being said, this is the Tagalog theme of the show on channel 7…

Pag-ibig Ko Sana'y Mapansin
Carmela Cuneta

Narito ang pagibig ko,
Ibibigay ng buong-buo.
Nangangarap nang mag-isa,
Umaasa na makapiling ka.

Narito ang buhay ko,
Nakalaan para sa iyo.
Naghihintay ng pag-asa
Na sana ay iyong madama.

Langit ka, (at) lupa ako.
Hanggang tanaw na lang ba tayo?
Mahal kita, mahal mo ba ako?
Hanggang pangarap na lang ba ito?
Kaya kong gawin ngunit di kayang sabihin...
Ang pag-ibig ko sana'y mapansin.

Narito ang awit ko,
Ang himig nitong puso.
Naglalarawan ng pagsinta,
Nagbibigay ng sigla't saya.

(repeat chorus)

Ang pagtingin mo't pagmamahal
Damdaming iingatan nang kay tagal.

(repeat chorus)

.:Belated Greeting!:.

Belated happy birthday to Brad Turvey. Hope you had a good one.

.:What The?:.

This Article makes me scratch my head. What is wrong with these people?


The fun thing about Waveback Wednesday is the playlist, and that's precisely what was amazing about it. So there I was with Jean during the show, and while she had a pretty good playlist that I was describing to Clair while it happened, I got a pleasant surprise when it turned out that she had to leave for a while and asked me to take over the boardwork. The slow songs poured right in shortly afterwards, and it culminated in the infamous song “We Could Be In Love”, by Brad Kane and Lea Salonga.

When our show started, and Jean played “Young Love, Sweet Love”, I reminded her of a tv show that had the same title back then... heh. She freaked out and asked me not to mention that on air...

Later on, when it was Pam's boardwork, I was singing along to some of the songs she was playing...

Marcelle: Pam! Your playlist is so great, I can't even leave!

Pam: Huh? Are my songs that slow?

Marcelle: Eh? Does it follow that if I like a playlist, then it's slow?

Pam: Why, yes.

Oh, gee, whiz. Marcelle, ang hari ng ngalngal.


So I went to JayBee's office after my boardwork, and we just chatted a bit about how things have been going on. She still hasn't seen “My Sassy Girl”, so I'm still waiting for her to watch the film before getting the DVD back from her.

Apparently, they're changing her timeslot already, and she'll be doing 1-2 PM on a daily basis. Oh, well. Hope things turn out well for her, and maybe her luck with her lovelife would change soon, or so I heard.

In any case, I waited for Dawson, one of the Campus Air Checkers, before the three of us left for Galleria as they had to run an errand for JayBee's mom. It was funny, because while we were on our way to Galleria, we walked past a jock from NU, effectively having representation in one street for LS, RX, WAVE, and NU. Heh.

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