Sunday, March 27, 2005

.:Today's LSS:.

I can't find the lyrics for the song!

Can someone give me the complete lyrics to the song that goes...

"We only really met about a week ago,
I know it in my head but in my heart I know,
that I love her,
I'm hoping that I'll never recover,
Cause she's good to me,
and it would really make me happy,
to never let her slip away."

Do let me go. I'm stumped. It's nowhere on Google!


Oh, man. Look at THIS.

The Japanese never cease to amaze me.

.:Hmm... Truth Be Told...:.

I've never spent a Holy week quite the way I have... heh. When I decided not to go to Baguio with my family and instead stay at my grandparents', it turned out that the Good Friday mass was awfully long, but hey, no big deal...

Glad I finished the article I was supposed to be writing already. As Ms. Iyay seemed pleased with how my article turned out, I'm hoping she'd get me to write some more for her in the future...

My thanks to Grace for being wonderful to talk to over the Holy Weekend...

.:It's Amazing:.

I went four and a half hours in WAVE last Wednesday, as I had to write this article for The Electronic Yellow Pages, a one-shot freelancing gig I picked up, regarding buses and the like. That being said, I boarded on my own, and being a Waveback Wednesday, I enjoyed playing those old songs that really just brought back the memories with a vengeance... heh.

When it was Jda's turn, we were doing pretty well as a tandem as we kept on joking around with each other, and soon enough, this bit of on-air banter happened...

Jda: Kel is such a meanie...

Marcelle: Of course not. Ask my students. They love me!

Jda: I know they love you. That's what got you into trouble in the first place.

Oww... heh.

In any case, I left shortly after I finished e-mailing the first draft of the article. Hopefully, Iyay would like it, as I really had a tough time going from bus station to station in hopes of finding people I can interview about their routes...

.:I'm Not Surprised:.

Sacha's going to U-Toronto! Congratulations, though it really comes as no surprise to me.

Anyways, I went to her place after coming from WAVE, as she invited me to go there and meet up with Clair. It was fairly amusing, as I got there and Mario, who came all the way from Baguio, was already there. That being said, things immediately got amusing the moment Mario said that people really thought he was gay... I proceeded to freak him out with double-meaning statements about helping him feel happy again, and be manly... all this while eating tons of watermelons.

I enjoyed my time there for the most part. Sacha treated us to a mini fashion show that Mario swears was “worth traveling 255 kilometers for”, as Sacha wore her Japanese schoolgirl socks along with a white miniskirt that made her pass off for a Japanese schoolgirl... heh. She then showed off her killer leather boots, and I think it was nosebleed heaven for the most part. Ranulf played catch-up, prompting me to say that “my wish for more men came true”. Of course, Ranulf's used to me, so he wasn't quite as freaked out as Mario was...

We had a ball singing songs and reciting old commercials and the 3 O' Clock Habit prayer. I even went and did my translations of “We Could Be In Love” by Brad Kane and Lea Salonga on the spot... heh.

All in all, it was a good day. It seemed to me everyone had reasons to be happy... Clair was with Sacha for a day and a half and was fangirling like mad, Sach is going to U. Toronto and got a call from Dominique near the end of the day, Mario got treated to the ultimate Japanese schoolgirl/dominatrix fetish, Ranulf worked out some kinks in his new fighting game that features Sacha as one of the playable characters, and I'm going to hopefully be employed by Ranulf to pimp out, err, shill, err, market the game...

That, and I have quite another reason to be happy... ;)

.:Film Review: The Phantom Of The Opera:.

Again, more spoilers here... you know the drill.

Image hosted by
Phantom Of The Opera
Watch it, that's all I ask of you...

I'll be honest and say that I hated Joel Schumacher's guts ever since he decided to defile the Batman franchise. Nonetheless, I've heard quite a lot of good things about this film, so I gave it a shot.

I wasn't disappointed. Maybe he couldn't mangle up the script much because Andrew Lloyd Webber was still alive? Heh.

In any case, the Phantom of the Opera is the musical that just really leaps out at you with a lot of aplomb and pizzazz. This is the showcase of the melodic story of Christine, a simple ballerina girl personally trained by the infamous Phantom of the opera, a mysterious figure who makes atrocious demands of all those who run the opera. When the leading soprano, Carmela, walks out on the production, Christine is given the opportunity to perform and her career takes a pleasantly wonderful turn.

As she performs, she runs into Raoul, the new patron of the opera, who was once her childhood sweetheart. As they reminisce upon old times and start falling in love with each other once again, the Phantom feels the betrayal of one whom he has loved for so long...

I'll stop with the story and just say that a lot of people can feel for the Phantom's tale of unrequited love. After doing all he can do for Christine, in the end she chooses to love someone else. What matters here is how well Joel Schumacher turned this story into film from theater, and I must admit that it was really good.

First of all, the special effects involved was nothing short of spectacular. The explosion of black and white into color was something that really took me aback, and the way they interspersed reality and illusion with how people saw the Phantom was pretty clever, if not seemingly a cheat already. I just felt surprised when Christine removed the Phantom's mask and his hair changed.

Secondly, the scoring was pretty splendid, although the music was mostly a crescendo for a good chunk of the film, both its best and worst quality. The music really seemed to refuse to hush down, even during the supposedly poignant moments, such as the kissing scene between Raoul and Christine. Regardless, I think this movie really worked, despite that minor shortcoming.

Don't let my lack of description fool you. The film has to be seen to be believed. It's not perfect, but there's a very good reason why it was nominated for an Oscar or two.

“Fun” Evaluation: A+
“Critical” Evaluation: A-

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