Wednesday, February 15, 2006

More Frustrations...

.:30 To 45 Days? What The Hades?!?:.

I can't believe it. That's how long it'd take for parts from Singapore to ship here for my laptop to get repaired.

What the Hades? You mean I'm going to be stuck that long without a computer of my own?

This is absolute crap. As if I didn't have enough troubles already.

I guess my blogging is going to be as crappy as this, thanks to that...

Separation anxiety is setting in... Homina, homina, homina...

.:Financial Woes Come Back:.

It wasn't a raise. It was a bonus.

Screw them. I've worked for this company for close to two years, and I'm sick and tired of being looked over. I am fully entitled to expect an increase from my salary after working this long for the company, and I am definitely not happy about this.

You can bet that I'd leave them now the moment something better comes along that required me to drop them. I am not the least bit amused of their casual ignorance of my contributions to their programming over the past year and a half.

Especially not after I've sacrificed GMA-7 for them, when I was asked to choose WAVE or GMA.

Screw them. I know I deserve better.

.:Now Half-Unemployed:.

Nautilus did not accept my application. You cannot begin to imagine how frustrated I am that all of a sudden, I am now shafted with a job that refuses to loosen its purse strings with a loyal employee, and how I am effectively screwed now.

I am currently holding one job. A job that does not offer nearly enough financial stability for me to live off of. I am not in the least bit pleased, and pardon my French, but I think I need to get this off my chest.

Marcelle is absofuckinglutely tired. Marcelle has done his best to be nothing but an employee of merit, and no matter how tired or how sick he has gotten, he has never failed to deliver on what he has promised to. With Nautilus' rejection of his application, the problem is clearly magnified.

Fuck this crap. I've more than paid my dues to the radio industry. I've more than shown that I am definitely willing and able to handle two jobs at the same time, and no matter how frustrated I may get with the setup, I have still performed my job to the best of my abilities. This rejection at Nautilus is pretty much the nail in the coffin to what has proven to be a completely horrible day. From my obvious financial woes that restarted with the discovery that my salary is stuck to where it currently is to the woeful month I will spend waiting until my laptop even begins to get repaired, you can tell that this is the last thing I need.

I currently have three applications left to bank on, and all of them are at Ateneo de Manila. If even that gets rejected, you can tell that I would definitely be having a lot of problems financially. Practically half of my salary goes to paying the rent and paying for my cellular phone's bill. For me to expect to survive the summer with a salary as paltry as I currently have is laughable at best.

Yes, I'm pissed off. I have gone through too much trouble already the past year, and I was definitely hoping this year was a point where things would move on up.

Instead, things go downhill from here now.

I can't take this crap anymore.

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