Thursday, February 23, 2006


.:The JGL Update:.

Tita Harvey asked me to tell you that the Chat Party has to be on March 11, Saturday night. If you guys are amenable to going, please let her know. I'm sure you know her e-mail address.

This is the last time I'll try organizing anything like this... and no, I'm not going to the chat party, either.

.:When Everything Falls Apart:.

Not going to Eurostar after eons of planning was bad enough.

Not being able to watch the WWE stung quite a bit all the same, although it can't really be helped.

Being shafted financially by not getting Nautilus and not getting a raise from WAVE was definitely horrible.

Not having a laptop for over a month is equally as bad.

As if all these weren't enough, issues left and right have been arising from other fronts in Marcelle's life.

He can only take so much.

Maybe there are just some things he doesn't deserve, after all.

Like good friends.

So it's time to return to his roots...

... and be alone.

He's lived without people around him all his life. No point bucking that trend now, while the going's good.

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