Wednesday, February 22, 2006


.:What Do Suman And Spider-Man Have In Common?:.

For my Suman post today, here. Find out for yourself.

.:Furious Friday:.

Friday was all about Vintage. We had a pretty interesting tournament going on, and I came in second while using Cheng's Workshop deck, with a few tweaks of my own that just made the deck pretty much go over the top. Only lost once to a lot of maindeck hate from one guy, but I got him back in the playoffs for second, when Yawgmoth's Will practically nailed the coffin on him.

Afterwards, we were hanging out at Sta. Lucia, and we had a lot of amusing discussions there, particularly at the point where someone castigated me for "not knowing the history" of my team's cards. That was a riot, to say the least. Pwnage then followed when I told him that Team TX had better things to do than study the history of our cards... heh.

.:Sentimental Saturdate:.

Pomelo and I watched The Pink Panther, which was pretty funny. We ate at Tokyo Tokyo first, though. All in all, it was a pretty simple date, but next time, I'm definitely gunning for ice skating... I think we can do it now...

.:Sunday Mayhem:.

From Vintage, the tournament shifted to Legacy. Let's just say that it wasn't easy at all, and I really should've run combo. Apparently, playing Landstill simply isn't my style...

.:Monday Meh:.

I'm still not making enough money. But hopefully, my bid for teaching in ADMU will change that. Nonetheless, at the WAVE meeting last Monday, I did prove that I should really be part of creatives for the station. I believe I have the capabilities of giving great input for the station... they really should give it a try...

.:Terrible Tuesday:.

Not entirely terrible, but just really... non-happening...

Gawd, I miss my laptop. It's still gonna be over a month before I get it back. Brrr.

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