Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Wacky Weekend

.:Today's LSS:.

Thor's taking a break and writing a new album of material. Basil Valdez takes over...

Let The Pain Remain
by Basil Valdez

Love comes, love goes,
But a sudden feeling never lets me be
Somehow I know
Quite a part of me isn't changed
Since you've been gone

Like a sturdy tree
That's seen a thousand seasons,
I've to shed my leaves in winter,
To grow them back in spring,
To welcome life again,
To welcome you

So goes my life,
Still believe in dreams of having you around
Too bad mem'ries
Feed the mind and not the heart
Where I want you to be

So I ask myself what you have left behind for me
To go on each day to live
As if I have you once again,
What else is there that's real
But all the pain that I feel

So let the pain remain forever in my heart
For every throb it brings
Is one more moment spent with you
I let the pain, bring on the rain
If that's the only way,
If there's no other way
To be with you again

.:Wolverine, You Idiot!:.

X-3 spoilers ahead, in lieu of an actual review:

You kill Magneto, then you give the cure to Jean, not the other way around! I don't care if it's angst that gives you your powers, you have more than enough angst from losing Professor X and *cough* Cyclops!

That being said, though, I'm very happy that Vinnie Jones managed to say "I'm the Juggernaut, bitch!", which to me, was one of the high moments of the movie.

The movie was rushed, but it was a wild and fun romp that I definitely enjoyed watching.

.:You Never Learn...:.

Lunch? With her?!?

What were you ever thinking, you dolt?!?

She's wasting your time. She doesn't care about you. Please just spare yourself the misery and lose that ingrate.

.:Placed Sixth...:.

Last Sunday, I had a pretty good tournament run. Came in sixth place, and ended up with three booster packs for my trouble. Ah, well. It wasn't such a bad payout at all, although I know for a fact I could've done much better in that tournament had I decided to not be nice and give out ID's and actually go for playoffs.

.:Baptism Of Fire:.

Hosted a debut at Manila Polo Club last Saturday night, and it definitely was a baptism of fire, so to speak.

I got to the venue fairly early, and this was hot on the heels of a fairly productive meeting with Ms. Barkley, whom I had met just last Wednesday, as well as the debutante, Miny, and we were establishing the program flow, as well as some rapport as Ms. Barkley and I would be co-hosts for the night.

Lo and behold, people were walking past me all the way until five in the afternoon, and none of them realized I was Ms. Barkley's co-host. =P Apparently, they've been looking for me since 2:00, and we never realized it because my phone was wonky, and I was too busy playing Metal Gear Ac!d to try looking for them.

So I got there, and we got briefed on what was going to happen. It wasn't so bad while the guests were settling in, as all I had to do was voice over for the most part.

Then the party started.

Boom. I was thrown into a tizzy, wearing a barong I borrowed from my stepdad, and trying to establish a good rhythm of ad libbing while we were going along with the program.

And it worked out quite well, to say the least. Miny, the debutante, was stunning that night, and of course, while I cannot mix business with pleasure, so were some of her friends... of course, most of them are probably still seventeen, so that spells "jailbait" right there...

Miny's dad was very pleased when the grandmother included "pay your parents back" in her list of tips for Miny to follow in going through her life.

When the people started getting to eighteen serenades, I was definitely hitting my stride already, as I acted like a non-okraying videoke master, from the way I carried things out.

Before Miny's dance performance though, one of the most challenging things I had to pull off was buy time while she was changing, as I had to host on my own for about five minutes or so, and I simply went from table to table and polled everyone what they thought about Miny, and cracked a few (corny) jokes here and there while I was at it. Somewhere towards the end, I shifted gears and then went for asking them beauty queen questions about Miny, and then finally, the ballroom dance music saved me as the older people cut the rug and let me get away with sitting for a while.

And hooray, the debutante didn't shock her parents by revealing she has a boyfriend at the end of the party, so there were no unexpected incidents...

.:The After-Party:.

After the formalities ceased, Ms. Barkley then changed and became the singer for the night as her showband, Fever took to the stage.

They started with something from Alicia Keys, I believe, and it was "If I Ain't Got You". Shortly afterwards, the pace picked up, and they started playing dance music.

Of course, so I wouldn't seem like a complete square, I went and danced as well. Next thing I knew, Miny's friends were forming a circle around me. I don't know if it was done because they thought I was good or they just wanted to embarrass their host... heh.

At some point, the keyboards guy of the band, Jon, was getting a lot of attention as some of the girls were screaming at him. After the performance, we were joking that his girlfriend, Iza (Who is a dead ringer for Gladys Reyes.), looked like Phoenix from X-3 and seemed to want to disintegrate the girls with but a thought right there and then. =P

After the merry mess, I settled down and talked with some of the debutante's friends. Amusingly enough, all three I were talking to were going to DLSU for the next schoolyear, and one of them even wanted to see "The Omen", so I offered her two tickets, for her and her boyfriend.

The prompt reply? "I don't have a boyfriend."

Ooohhh. Press release, lest I report her to her parents? ;)

In any case, it was nice talking to them. Hopefully, that wouldn't be the last I'd hear from those people, as it was kinda sad that's precisely what happened with the last debut I hosted, and to think I got along very well with that one as well...

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