Wednesday, August 23, 2006


.:And La Sallians and Ateneans Find Themselves In U.P. Again?!?:.

Once again, I ended up hanging out with Elbert and once again, it's at U.P. This was after he gave me a crash course on graphic design, which definitely helped me along.

So anyways, we were there for a while and then we saw Raffy. Good job! In any case, we talked a bit about movies, and that was way cool. He knew about Battle Royale, which was just awesome.

Then, JP and Estelle arrived, and then we just hung around the “Secret” exhibit for a while, which was a way cool concept. Afterwards, me, El, 'Elle, and JP went to Conspiracy, where we saw a really awesome OHP shadow play that just really went on three levels of cool. At that point, the “chaperones”, me and JP, started talking a bit about relationships, and when El and 'Elle got back, it was their turn to be on the hotseat... heh.

Nonetheless, there. We had a great time, and when I was in the car with Estelle after the whole thing, we ended up talking about debating a bit more. It was great. It made me feel that I had to revisit my debating roots and perhaps finally make it to varsity after all this time. Perhaps...

.:My Name Is Earl:.

I really, really love this TV series. I just might end up getting the DVD of the series seeing how cool it is...

.:Are You Ready? Snakes On A MothaF%#$%^ Plane!!!:.

I want to watch it in the cinemas... I swear.

I bet from now on, the MRT staff will ban snakes on the train! =P

.:Props To The MRT Security Staff:.

After a few days of being anal retentive, the security staff has learned to be far more considerate of people, and I believe that deserves props for that.

Now, they are willing to allow people to bring liquids into the train, so long as they can determine what it really is. If it's water, prove it by taking a swig. If it's perfume, they'll sniff it. If it's medicine, well, preferably, show the doctor's prescription.

I'm very impressed that there has been an improvement in this regard, and my complaints regarding the knee-jerk security measures are at least somewhat alleviated.

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