Thursday, August 17, 2006

Hanging Out And A Meme...

.:Ang Pagdadalaga Ni Maximo Oliveros:.

While the movie seemed to drag in some segments here and there, I must say that it was definitely a good film. It was exceptionally fun to see Kuya Bodjie figure in the movie and act completely opposite to his Batibot character, while I channeled his song throughout. Heh.

While pointing his gun at Maximo's father...

"Ako ang kapitbahay, ang kapitbahay niyo... laging handang tumulong sa inyo... kilala niyo ako, kilala niyo ako..."

Awesome! Ahahaha...

.:Slum Book Afternoon:.

So it was me, Elbert, Estelle, Johan, and his girlfriend (Whose name escapes me at the moment.).

After watching the movie, we all headed out to Kenny Roger's, where I had a late lunch, and we were just talking to each other, more or less planning what will happen on Saturday, being Estelle's birthday. We just sat around at Elbert's condo, and we talked about stuff like what the craziest thing we did during High School or College was, and so forth. It was definitely a fun time...

And then he came up with a very interesting situation...

.:Oh, Look! A Meme!:.

What if you could send an ex to Ex-Isle Island?

Here, you send an ex to an island where they face off ala Survivor. Whoever wins will get a million dollars. Whoever loses is stuck in the island for good.

A few questions... answer this on your own LJ's, if you're too squeamish to make it public.

1. Which ex would you send?

2. What motivations would you have to send them? Do you want them to win or to be stuck on the island?

3. If they made the final two, and you had to make a testimonial about your ex that will make or break his/her chances of getting the million dollars, what will you say?

4. If an ex sent you to the island, what will the0ir motivation be? Try to use a different ex in this case.

5. What will their testimonial for you be if you made it to the Final 2?

6. Tag three exes of yours. By ex, I mean ex-anything, and say why you're tagging them. So you can tag an ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, ex-teacher, ex-student, ex-boss, etc.

So think about it carefully. Yes, all of us in the room answered it already, and I'll keep my answers under wraps for now. It was very interesting and insightful, and it gave me a lot of amazing knowledge about Estelle and Johan's girlfriend, despite having only known them recently.

I welcome anyone to answer this. And I mean, anyone.

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