Tuesday, August 29, 2006

We Have A Post!!!

.:Incontrovertible Proof:.

It Exists!!!

Now it can be said that I have experienced, first-hand, that N.U. exists. In fact, it's been in existence for the past 106 years, and what is so amusing about my visit to the school was that the owners of the school itself, the Jhocsons (Very gracious hosts, by the way.), were amused when they found out that I have never seen or heard of any N.U. students, much less the school itself aside from the UAAP. To put it bluntly, I was introduced to the school owners as the guy who “didn't believe N.U. actually existed.”

That being said, the fact that the owners of the school themselves found it worth a chuckle, I realized that it wasn't so offensive after all, and even provided them an opportunity to give me a good tour of the school, including being educated on the fact that Jestoni Alarcon is an alumnus of National University. ;)

I even had a picture in front of the N.U. bus, but I guess Elbert didn't find the shot. Nonetheless, the other pictures here prove that, without a doubt, there really is a place called National University.

So anyways, it was loads of fun going to National University, and even driving around a few other schools in the meantime, including the realization that N.U. wasn't even that far away from U.S.T. to begin with. Heh.

Anyways, a couple more pictures…

Bakit galit yung nurse?!?


Is it so wrong of me to be rooting for 'em in the UAAP? Lol. So far though, ADMU has been making good on the assumption that without DLSU to contend with, it's a shoo-in for the championship...

My special thanks to Tito Fort, Tita Tuts, El, and ‘Elle, for taking me to this great mythical place. =P

.:Film Review: Mother@#$%! Snakes On A Mother@#$%! Plane:.

Mother@#$%! Snakes On A Mother@#$%! Plane
Mother@#$%! Awesome Movie!

Spoilers irrelevant!!!

Samuel L. Jackson stars in a great movie pretending to be a bad movie pretending to be a good movie called “Snakes On A Plane”.

It's a movie that has all the requirements for a B-movie: a haphazard setup, hard and loose adherence to facts, and stereotype characters you'd want to see dead at one point or another in the movie. Plus, it's got Samuel L. Jackson. What else do you expect from a movie likes this, but snakes, snakes, and more snakes? Hades, do you even need to have the story make any sense whatsoever?

I really, really loved the movie. I was laughing my head off most of the time, and the way the whole thing played out was just a masterpiece.

This movie defies description. Watch it. That's all I have to say...

Critical Analysis: F
Fun Analysis: A+++

.:Releasing A Bird In Hand Found Me Two In The Bush:.

I can't help but be amazed that in what seemed like a Godsend, I ended up having two people I can proudly call my “best friends” in one fell swoop.

Elbert and I have been friends for six or so years already. We've only been particularly close after graduation, especially when both of us discovered our love for videoke. Even before, in senior year, we began to bond during our immersion for Theology, where after the immersion, only the two of us bothered working on the paper for class.

Elbert is the kind of guy who can fluctuate from depths to shallows, which appears to be one of the things I really enjoy from my closest friends. One instant, we're talking about comics, the next, we talk about the “rules of engagement”, the next, we discuss what our concept of happiness is.

I never wanted to be presumptuous, but it recently occurred to me that well, he *is* one of my best friends at this point already, and the first one I ever had in my life who isn't female.

In contrast, I've known Estelle for a little over a mere two weeks. It boggles the mind when you think about it, but it's not the length of time that was the barometer of the friendship (quite obviously), but the sheer ability we had to connect. It was practically instantaneous from the first time we got introduced. While the one thing we have in common that stands out is that we both have debating backgrounds, the myriad other things we may or may not have in common never fails to yield interesting conversation.

Just the other day, I was telling her over YM that given how I am right now, I definitely needed a best friend. Proving that she both had guts and wasn't dense at all, she stuck her neck out and offered, which was exactly what I was counting on.

But beyond just the whole “official announcement” deal, I think what really drew me to them was that in the past couple of weeks, they, along with Johan, have been the first people to help me out as I tried (And still try.) to find my smile once again after everything I've been through. I know I've gone through worse things in my life in the past. I guess I just haven't really invested nearly as much into anything else the way I had that last time around.

So I guess that now, more than ever, the dynamic of El, 'Elle, and 'Celle makes so much sense. It's amusing to think of, and I suppose I can't help but feel grateful to the both of them for having helped me pull through despite everything.


As long as your alive, I think security is working... so you better stop complaining and just follow whatever needs to be done to ensure your safety... when you die on a plane with someone who brought liquid or gel on board... then would you believe its true... ooops.. my bad.. you'll be dead by then.. :)

I got this comment about my MRT security post, and I can't help but laugh at the insipid and retarded logic I got treated to. Let's break it down, and just to be fair, I won't even stoop to attacking the anonymous comment's grammar or spelling. The sheer stupidity of the post is good enough.

Let's break it down...

1. “As long as you are alive, I think security is working...”

Wrong. The absence of trouble is not a guarantee of working security. In Canada, they can leave doors open and they have relatively less crimes than in houses in New York that are locked and bolted.

The absence of trouble in the MRT is not brought about by security measures, because as I said in my post last time, I have toothpaste in my bag, and that could've been a gel bomb already if I just wanted to bomb he train. It only goes to show how insufficient the security measures actually are, which begs the question, why do it if it's going to just be half-@$$3d?

For the record, though, the security personnel have been a lot more considerate lately, and I've openly given them props for that much.

2. “... so you better just follow whatever needs to be done to ensure safety...”

As I said, these measures do not ensure safety. It's a knee-jerk reaction that is not thorough enough to have any teeth, and as such merely inconveniences people instead of ensure anything but, well, inconvenience.

3. “... when you die on a plane with someone who brought liquid or gel on board...”

When did I talk about plane searches? Did I ever complain about plane searches? Those effing searches are freaking thorough, and that justifies the inconveniences.

And then the anonymous poster caps it off by giving me veiled threats about my death on a plane. That's right. And here I was talking about the train. Hmmm... it's amazing, isn't it?

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