Monday, August 14, 2006

Over The Weekend...

.:Belated Happy Birthday!!!:.

Belated happy birthday, Sach! I greeted you advanced and belated, and I tried being online yesterday, but I guess it was too early and you weren't online yet.

Nonetheless, I know you had a blast, given what I've read. I would've been there, except for the fact that when they changed the plans for the house blessing from afternoon to evening, that turned out impossible for me already. I was supposed to go there in the afternoon, but since the "party" turned into an evening celebration, I had to decline Tita Harvey's invitation.

.:Sukob, The Breakup:.

I watched both movies at Krisette's place last Friday night. I had a baaaaaad copy of Sukob though, so I want to see it again when I get the chance...

.:If You Are So Annoyed By What I Write...:.

... then maybe you shouldn't be going out of your way to read my blog or LJ, right?


You're so vain, you probably think this is about you. As usual.

.:Folding Into Myself. Again.:.

What else can I do? I appreciate all the people who care about my well-being, i.e., my friends, but really now, there are just times when I'd rather not have to deal with so many worries all coming in from all fronts.

That being said, I guess there's nobody I can, or should count on except myself. Simple as that. Maybe that's why I stopped asking certain people for any genuine advice for the longest time.

Or maybe that fact completely flew over their heads, and they still feel compelled to tell me how to run my life, who to like, who to court, who to love, who to stop talking to...

I wish I were talking about my parents, but I'm not.


I say "sorta-kinda" because it was *suppsed* to be a "boy's night out", except there was one girl who ended up going with me, Elbert, Jonas, and Johan last Saturday. We planned this gig for a while already, and it was fairly amusing.

Anyways, her name's Estelle, and she's also a debater, so it was a very awesome time for me, as I found loads upon loads of things we could talk about, since we are both kind of opinionated people...

As usual, I had the requisite first impression of Dance Maniax, and videoke, including the usual Doble Kara songs, and Blakdyak's "Modelong Charing".

We were supposed to watch "My Super Ex-Girlfriend", but we didn't have enough tickets. Elbert was flirting with the girls giving samples of I-On Energy Drink...

Girl: Sir, isa pa?

Elbert: Ah, huwag na. Baka hindi ako makapag-control, eh.

A mere few moments later, he turns to Johan, who didn't gel up his hair that night...

Elbert: Alam mo, Johan, mas bagay sayo ang may erection, eh. Yung buhok! Yung buhok!

Tell me he didn't just say that!

We had interesting conversations over dinner, mainly over the fact that if your parents got annulled, since the marriage technically never existed, does that make you an illegitimate child? It was very amusing. I haven't talked about debate in ages, and Estelle just triggered a rush of memories hitting me with a vengeance.

So yeah, Videoke, and then came the knowledge that Estelle was actually related to Mich's boyfriend, Carlo, which explains why she's in Pol Sci. Hmmm... way cool.

Nonetheless, it was a great night with great company and not-so-great singing. I wish I could say more about it, but the whole thing was such a blur, but it was such a wonderful blur, nonetheless.

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Jonas Diego said...

Elbert will never live this one down. At least not for some time to come. :)