Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas!

.:Random Thoughts On The Holidays...:.

Well, first of all, a merry Christmas to everyone!!!

Christmas shopping with Bessie 'Elle was nothing short of fun. I was just walking around with her until she finally got tired (and grumpy). She had a really cool present for me, and I responded in kind with a present all of us will be using sometime soon...

That being said, I don't feel the Christmas spirit by much. I'm honestly just grateful for friends and special people in my life, and the fact that it's December 24 as I say this is irrelevant. From my best friends, especially Sach and Abby who are in town for the holidays, to certain people whom I've professed my affection to (*ahem*), you might say that this year has been one hellacious ride, to say the least. If it means ending up knowing people like Estelle though, I'd gladly go on that ride all over again.

I have managed to already construct a list of the top five people I'm most grateful to this year, but in contrast to how they've always been for ages, it would seem that there is a radical change of pace to who would be the person/s I'd be most grateful to this 2006. It's been a rough but financially rewarding year, and a transition to what I can only hope would be better times for my career.

.:Happy Feet Thoughts:.

Did you know that there is a mild uproar from the United States at the moment over Happy Feet, citing Mumbles' being "different" as a subtext for a pro-gay statement?

Man, the conservative right can get the wildest ideas, to say the least.

I mean, granted that I can't argue with them on whether or not homosexuality is fine, but I sure as Hades can argue over the fact that anyone who would see a gay subtext in "Happy Feet" has got to be overreading into the movie's message.

Is it politically and environmentally heavy-handed? A bit. Can it scare some kids at some grim segments of the film? Most likely.

But were there gay overtones? Wolfgang Foxtrot Tango!

Happy Feet was a great movie that is highly enjoyable. I've seen it twice, and on the second time, I even saw it with a good friend of mine, Rowena. It makes next to no sense to me that they can find gay subtext in a movie like that, just because the message is "it's okay to be different".

Different >< Gay. For them to think they are the same thing is beyond me.

.:All I Can Offer You This Christmas...:.

... is the fervent desire to do right by you.

I love you very much, and I hope that I would prove to be worthy of your time and attention. Sometimes, I worry when I catch myself not treating you in the best way I could, but at the end of the day, I know I will do whatever it takes to do right by you.

No matter what, we will find a way.

Thank you for making my life just a little brighter.

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