Monday, December 18, 2006



I'm booked for a magic show on Thursday. In Villamor Air Base. Whoa. This is way cool...

.:The Hurly-Burly Of Christmas:.

Sometimes, I really feel sad about the people who equate “Merry Christmas” to “give me money”. People like those make me continue to harp about this season becoming little more than “Santamas” year in and year out.

That being said, Estelle and I did a bit of Christmas shopping in 168 today. While I’m so horrible with shopping as I practically had no idea what to get for whom, it wasn’t so bad, regardless. I suppose it could’ve been better, though.

Thanks to Estelle for today. The company was so great, I completely forgot that Radio Partners is having their Christmas party tonight, and I’m here at Tita Toots’ office instead… hehe.

.:Uneventful, But Glad:.

This weekend was relatively uneventful, but most of it was mainly spent hanging out with Elbert and Estelle, and it has really been great, seeing how we just manage to connect on a level where we really can pretty much talk about anything and everything, from psychoanalyzing each and every girl I went out or made a serious attempt to go out with, to what I did in the grocery after we talked about lactating third nipples, to prostituted students that Elbert seems to run into...

That being said, it's been a really interesting and amusing encounter with Elbert's best friend, Gabby. It wasn't exactly the most flattering of first impressions that we gave to her, but it was still all good, considering how she was mostly amused with the sheer speed at which El and I mowed topics down, one after the other.

All in all, it was pretty cool...

.:Updating My Skillset:.

I just need a bit more practice and I'll be capable of sound engineering already. Well, at least minor engineering. I still don't think I can do that for music... hehe. Still, having been able to spend time with the family by sheer luck last Sunday was a great opportunity for me to really relax and then some... heh.

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