Thursday, December 07, 2006


.:Unprofessional Bastiches:.

You know, it's extremely unprofessional and completely uncalled for to book someone for a hosting gig and expect them to block off their schedule for you only for you to back out on him like the unprofessional bastiches that you are.

That's opportunity cost. Not only did you screw him out of the hosting deal you worked out, you screwed him out of getting other gigs for that matter, since he blocked his schedule off for you.

Screw you. Hopefully, your party becomes a miserable dreck of crap like the kind of people that you are.

.:You Have No Right To Judge How I Feel:.

Who are you to cast doubts on my feelings just because you feel differently?

Who the hell are you to think that my feelings are any less true, or any less significant, or any less meaningful, because it was a conscious choice I made, and not just a product of impulsiveness?

Contrary to how your warped viewpoint sees it, people can actually choose who they love. That's exactly why people who know better aren't entirely thrilled about arranged marriages precisely because they intend to choose who to get with or who to marry.

People can't help but fall in love sometimes. It's rarely a choice, whether or not to fall in love, and yet people who want to stay single find ways, find excuses, find whatever it takes to not fall in love. Be it the most superficial of flaws, be it turning the other person to hatred so that one's conscience is placated, whatever.

I made a fucking choice. So what? Is it any less true, is it any less meaningful, that I chose to love? How dare you insinuate that making a choice makes it insignificant, when the lack of choice precisely implies a lack of freedom. That you couldn't have loved anyone else any which way you look at it, and you had no choice.

What is beautiful about being shoehorned into a destiny you had no say in? What is beautiful about loving someone not because you believed them to be right for you, but only because they came along and you couldn't help but love them?

Screw that. I don't want to just be a victim of chance for all my life. I choose to love someone, and that is precisely what makes it beautiful. That I could just have my pick of anyone, or choose someone who'd love me back because it's easy, or just let my feelings be dictated by circumstances; all of this underscores that because I chose to love you, you are special. That despite all the circumstances and variables and whatever else, I still love you.

I don't choose to love you because of the circumstances surrounding us. I choose to love you in spite of it. If there is only one thing you have to understand, let that be it.

Otherwise, as choosing to love can happen, choosing not to love is equally possible...

... and arguably just as difficult.


Jac said...

Hear, hear. Screw the people who refuse to pay us for our troubles, too.

Anonymous said...

You'll get a better gig. Karma comes back twice.

It's sad to think bad things are happenning when the year is almost over and we're expecting so much better for a year wrap.

Good luck on your endeavors! Stay cool.