Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Weekend Recap!

.:Urong-Sulong Ka…:.

Bakit ka ganyan?

.:Sudden Practice:.

Due to a booking that came from out of the blue, I had to practice my routine with Estelle last Friday night. Nonetheless, it was pretty smooth, and I just really had a grand time enjoying her company, for the most part.

.:Divine Providence Of Sorts...:.

I have to be extremely grateful to Christelle for this one...

After losing out on a gig for the weekend, next thing I knew, I was booked to do a magic show for a party organized by Ms. Luli Arroyo. Whoa...

Anyways, I ended up getting in touch with Ms. Kay Honasan, who asked me to prepare a magic show for a children's party, and the party definitely was an eye-opener to me, to say the least.

These kids were smart, but they were also very disciplined. While some of them knew how some tricks work, they were kind enough to let me know after the show, and not in the middle of it. I even had this nice little touch where I told them that the magic I do is something I can only do with their help.

I asked them what channel, 2 or 7, they preferred to watch. Most of them answered “2”, so I told them that the magic word for the day was going to be “Kapamilya”. It was a pretty interesting routine, because from top to bottom, the audience was just simply enthralled, whether or not they knew how the magic worked.

It was a joy to perform, and the comedy bits just came naturally. Both Mr. Bing's lessons and my personal touches came together and really got the audiences going. What really sold the whole thing was that while the kids loved the show, the adults were stunned when I did my fork bending routine, which is definitely slowly turning into my trademark of sorts.

One moment, I was doing my magic show, all kids in front of me, and next thing I knew, while I was doing Liquid Metal, all the parents were behind me. Well, it's an angle-free sequence anyways, so there's no big deal with that.

All in all, people were really happy with it, and it looks like I'd have some repeat business.

.:Taxi Tales:.

For some reason, Saturday was a pretty good day to talk to cab drivers. Whether we talked about politics or whatever else, it was definitely interesting to talk to some of them. Sometimes, it's good to be reminded that not all cab drivers are insensitive dolts after your money while forcing you to hitch a ride along their intended route.

Some of them would gladly talk to you about magic, and that's just normal, really, but the really interesting conversations I had all the time were about integrity. One of the cab drivers was talking about how he was tempted to not return a wallet containing twenty thousand pesos simply because his wife was expecting and it was probably going to be a C-Section. The money would've covered half of the operation.

Despite that, he gave it back. His wife ended up giving birth naturally, which cost only 7,000 pesos.

I guess nice guys don't always finish last, after all.

Sometimes, you can learn really powerful lessons from the places where you least expect it...

.:Yet Another Anime Convention:.

So I went to the anime convention at U.P. Diliman, and I have to admit, it was quite an event. Lots of people were there, cosplayers galore, and so forth. I even ran into some people I haven't seen in a while, such as Addy Dy, and of course, Jac.

Anyways, that day was the perfect opportunity for me to do a little bit of street magic. There I was, just really going around and approaching strangers left and right and just performing for them. I even ran into a group that came as Crazy 88, mostly high school people, and a couple of people I ran into from HHH the last time. All in all, it was pretty cool, and I got really great reactions from the audiences as I was doing my magic schtick.

I even ended up being the most photographed non-cosplayer for the day, given how many people were taking pictures of me and the magic. I especially loved it when they were shooting the hands of the people who were holding the cards for the Ultimate Transpo... it was way cool.

I suppose, the only thing that does get to me is that my personality seems to be too strong for the most introverted of people. Apparently, one of my new acquaintances has been scared away by my personality, deeming it as me coming on too strongly.

Ah, well... can't have 'em all, I suppose.

.:The First Dinner:.

I dropped by Elbert's place so we can go meet up with Johan, Myka, and Estelle together. We had dinner at Sentro, and we even ran into Sam Oh along the way, which was just way, way cool...

Anyways, the food was great, and so was the company. It felt great to finally have the chance to hang out with them after a while, since it's been really difficult for all of us to just meet up with each other due to all of our varied schedules...

Anyways, we had a great time, and the sinigang corned beef was absolutely marvelous...

.:The Second Dinner:.

Kathy asked me over for Carnivore Night, and while I got there late, I still got to play catch-up with a bit of soup and potatoes and chicken and lamb chops. Kathy can still cook up a storm.

Guest list was short and sweet. Clair, Krisette, Hrbs, then some guys from Holland named John and Martin, and, err... one other girl. I did a little magic show for them and all, and they were mostly amused, but I noticed how awesome John and Martin were at figuring tricks out. They were engineers, and they pretty much deduced some tricks I didn't think anyone could easily do it. That being said, I'd want to ask them to figure out some tricks in the future... hehehe.

Anyways, after dinner, we ended up fire spinning again, after all this time. None of us have spun in ages, but it just happened, and I did the whole gamut of moves, with my favorite one, the neck wrap.

By the time we were finished, and after Hrbs was sufficiently freaked out by the gay innuendo, especially since Clair kept on singing Michael V's “Di Ako Bakla”. Nonetheless, it was awesome doing so much all in one Saturday, pretty much including three magic shows, one anime convention, two dinners, one firespining session, and a million great conversations...

And seeing someone gush over a guy was just priceless. You don't see that everyday...

.:And So The Plot Thickened:.

Clair had to go home at three in the morning, so since I wasn't very comfortable about her safety, I just took her home and ended up spending Sunday and Monday morning there... it was funny being there, as apparently, I'm one of the few guys their dog, Panda, didn't get mad or aloof at upon first meeting. If anything, Panda was sweet towards me, and they were hypothesizing that since he's only friendly towards girls, then they have to begin doubting my immeasurable and oozing masculinity... ah, whatever. Hehe.

But yeah, it was pretty cool being there for a while. Thanks to tita Claire, Dang, and Clair, and Panda for the hospitality... =)

.:Christmas Party Again...:.

Yet another magic show came around, this time, for the Brandstream group. Well, it was pretty cool, as I did a series of effects with no genuine rhyme or reason. Despite that, I got loads of reactions from certain effects, namely Saw, Four-Dimensional Mind Read, Stigmata, the Invisible Deck, and of course, Liquid Metal. The Shapeshifter was pretty good, too... heh.

As Ogie Diaz was one of the guests, he predictably picked on me… hehehe. Oh, well.

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