Thursday, March 29, 2007

I Am Loved...


It's Abby's birthday today, so Abby, happy birthday!

.:You Know What's Cool?:.

When someone has enough foresight to tell you she'd be upset before she actually is. I absolutely like how she predates our little spats and the ample warning helps me brace myself.

Truth be told, I do that a bit, too. I'm beginning to think she's a female version of me, with a better sense of humor. =O

.:Ups And Downs:.

It's the third month for my Beloved and I. Unbelievable. Three months. I didn't think we could stand each other that long. =P

All kidding aside, I'm glad we've gotten this far. Through all the fights and arguments, all the short tempers, all the insensitive jokes, the foul moods, the off-days, the corny humor, the half-hearted introductions to friends, and every other idiosyncrasy either of us have that drives the other crazy, I am undoubtedly happy that you are still with me.

It's been a beautiful roller coaster ride with you so far, knowing full well that what we have is something real. It's far from aggrandized, and miles away from the perfect picture we've always envisioned for ourselves, but what we have with each other is undoubtedly something that has definitely been a huge influence on the both of us.

These past few days, you've been going over my old LJ entries, and I understand full well now when you tell me how you wonder how I could say you're special when I seem to be doing the same things for you that I used to do for those people I used to love. It's hard to see it for yourself, but you are different. From the fact that you can out-argue me half of the time to the fact that I have a very high respect for you because of that to how I actually tried to "court" you, it's been very different, and I believe someone heard my prayers when you came into my life.

I've had my share of pain and heartbreak, and I have come to the realization that the day you leave me, a day I continue to pray and hope would never come, would be my most painful heartbreak yet. I'm deeply into this relationship already, and though I eschew from the flowery words and the glowering professions of love (Mainly because you don't like it.), I realize that calling you my "Once-In-A-Lifetime" is exceedingly apt.

I hope I'd prove worthy of your heart. You say you aren't constant with how you feel about me, but what matters to me is that be that as it may, you choose to be at my side through thick and thin, not just as someone I love and am in love with, but as someone who is a genuine friend to me.

My Beloved, my heart is yours now. I ask you to be careful with it, because I don't want you to be another used to be in my life. No more. Not now.

While my past may have some relevance to you, I truly believe it is what we have now and what we are building for the future that should be more important.

.:First Kiss:.

It was this Monday, 26 March, 2007, when my Beloved first made that kissing sound over the phone... awww... soooo sweet!

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