Wednesday, March 21, 2007


.:Room For Improvement...:.

In any field, there's a lot of room for improvement. For instance, in work right now, I'm really paranoid about an “urgent” matter I'm supposed to discuss with a boss “after” the anniversary. I still have no idea what it's about, but I would be the first to admit that my work has been far from exemplary as of late, what with all the things that I've been dealing with.

One thing I realized is that my magic, while to most people who see it, find it good enough, when you put it to the acid test, then you really see a lot of shortcomings. Some rather barbed comments on my video have been brought up, and although one of them was plain ridiculous (The guys behind me were magicians. I wasn't exposing a trick to them, I was actually using THEM as cover.), some other comments have valid ground, and I really need to work on them.

Even Elbert pointed out that my patter is too fast and because I tend to look away, it also feels impersonal. My card handling is shabby at best as well. There're a million and one things I can improve about my magic and I'd be a fool to think what I can do at the moment is good enough. There are still so many other things I have to consider and complacency is the worst enemy of anyone who wishes to be the best at what they do.


Yes, I know.

For the past few weeks, I've been hardly blogging, and there's no excuse for that, eve if I were sick or extremely busy most of the time.

Well, that being said, I'd at least want to update you with what's been happening in my life lately, and for now, let's just deal with headlines. Afterwards, I'm really hoping that I can go back to my regular blogging. For now, let it be sufficient that you know what's been going on this past weekend or so...


I overnighted at Elbert's for this one, mainly because I wanted to not have problems waking up to get to Tiendecitas for Saturday. This was in line with the Enchanted Kingdom excursion I had planned with my friends, and I was glad that it finally pushed through after all the trouble we had to go through... heh.


It was an unbelievable day. We had Elbert, Estelle, Johan, Myka, April, and myself, as we went to Enchanted Kingdom, which was a really fun time, to say the least. From getting doused in water in the Rio Grande and Jungle Log Jam to the crazy two-in-a-row Space Shuttle ride Johan and I got ourselves into, to meeting Len Go, a classmate of mine from Philosophy, it was an eventful day.

It was made even more fun by the fact that it's been a while since all six of us got together, so E.K. Was just an awesome catch-up opportunity done in style. We even had videoke, and Elbert and I played pranks on each other.

Elbert started it off by telling the showband performing at the foodcourt that it was my birthday (It wasn't.) and that I “wanted to sing onstage”. Thankfully, the band promised to let me sing after they took a break, which was my cue to never show up in the foodcourt again after the break. =P

During dinner that night, I decided to return the favor to him, as the rondalla approached us, I told them it was his birthday, and they not only sang for him, but called the attention of everyone to it.

I think had I thought it over, I could've really put him on the spot or something. Mwahahaha.

After E.K., we went to Tagaytay, where we just hung out at a place Tita Toots was renting every now and then. It was fun, because the Work Time Fun addicts reared their heads, and people were tearing out their hair in frustration over the fact that I kept on singing the different political jingles that I knew of, and Estelle especially winced at Migz Zubiri's... hehe.


Sunday was spent getting home from Tagaytay and then mainly just hanging around for the most part. There wasn't anything particularly momentous that happened, although there was a load of comedy gold left and right from how things have been going...


Monday was more of the same. I owe Elbert big time because this means I've slept over at his place for three nights already. This is the second straight episode of Sana Maulit Muli that I missed, and apparently, the series has turned up quite a notch.

Anyways, El and I ate at Riverbanks, and I ended up having a pair of green mango shakes. We had weird ideas while walking around, though, from our thoughts about the Chinese Water Torture, the Chinese Static Torture, and there was this restaurant called “Boiler Room”, and I was thinking how amusing it'd be if everyone who walked in the restaurant was smacked in the head with a wrench. On top of that, El was being paranoid about merchant prices when they realize that someone Chinese is approaching them.


Well, Tuesday was a much more eventful day than the last two ones.

My Beloved and I haven't seen each other in a long while and I've been very grateful that we've had long, and *ahem*, engaging, phone conversations last Friday and last Monday. Those are rarities for us nowadays, so I'm glad we managed to have those conversations. Even more gratitude goes out to Elbert for that, as I don't have a landline at the moment, so I have to rely on other people's phones.

We've really come a long way, and the past few days, my Beloved and I have been missing each other badly, so it was really nice how sweet she has been to me the past few days. I can never thank the Lord enough that I found her, and by now, I'm more than certain that getting with her wasn't just a post-breakup reaction, not only because of how I feel about her, but also because of how she recognizes the genuine effort both of us have been making to make this relationship work.

We met at Seattle's Best in Katipunan, and Elbert was with us for a while. Apparently, my sense of humor that day left a lot to be desired, although she was in stitches over Elbert, when he started talking about Rico Robles and how he was my idol, and then I brought up that I once questioned an ex's tastes when I found out she liked Rico.

Elbert: Oo nga! Kaya ka niya sinagot, diba?

Zing! My Beloved reacted a short bit after, but obviously not to defend me or her tastes, either, since she's also dating me, after all. Elbert, with sarcasm oozing out of his mouth, smiles and raises his thumbs while saying she made a good choice by picking me.

It was hilarious, in a self-deprecating kind of way. Nonetheless, after a while, we finally left and we had lunch at Mang Jimmy's. The food there was awesome. My Beloved and I wanted to watch a movie, but delays caused us to nix that plan and so we instead went and played billiards in SM North.

Let's just say that I officially suck at billiards. Out of five or so games, I won only once. Grrrr....

Anyways, afterwards, we just spent time with each other, just talking, and making the most of our limited time together. I really felt that she missed me a lot, and I'm happy that we're where we are, considering how far away from all of this we started off. She's been wonderful, and what really makes her a cut above the rest is that she is genuinely trying to make this relationship work as hard as I am. She knows that a fairy tale doesn't just write itself, and so we're working hard at making that “happily ever after” come true.

Thanks, my Beloved! I love you sooooo much!

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