Thursday, October 02, 2008

For Shame, For Shame!

.:There's Such A Thing As Too Much Gloating...:.

Kel and Jay had another show last Tuesday for Tado, after performing last Saturday (More on this some other time.), so I really didn't make it to the Bonfire. I ran into Abby and Bobby and even Adi Co, but outside of that, meh.

I'm glad I didn't really see the bonfire, though... turns out that some overzealous alumni decided to burn some green shirts, and even put DLSU players' names on a wooden plank and toss it into the fire as well. There was word that other UAAP members had their school names on respective planks chucked into the fire all the same.

There have been some students from DLSU who were understandably annoyed by it, and while I'm obviously an Atenean, count me among the people who didn't like this stunt one bit.

We won. In my opinion, we earned the win. We don't have to act like ungracious dolts and take it as an opportunity to "torch" our competition. It taints the victory and makes us seem as if we're sore winners the way some people believe the DLSU team was made up of sore losers.

It's an embarrassment, and I'm sure there are less offensive ways to express our happiness over winning a frigging basketball game. A game!!!

On behalf of the people who don't know any better, I'd like to apologize to anyone offended by this tacky and unnecessary stunt. Not all Ateneans are sore winners. In fact, majority of us didn't find out about this silly display until the very next day.

I called out DLSU's team when they acted like bad sports. I have no qualms calling out the (probably few) people in the ADMU bonfire who acted like petulant kids who don't know when enough's enough.

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