Sunday, October 05, 2008

Friday In Brief...

.:Plurkfiesta Of Doom!:.

A mini-Plurkfiesta last Friday with Marck, Doc Tess, and Pierre at CPK turned out to be quite an amazing experience. We had mushroom overload thanks to Wild Mushroom Pizza and Portobello Ravioli.

We were oohing and ahhing in sheer bliss. It was an explosion of sensations as we mind-numbingly stumbled across the tables for a piece, and, and... oh, right. Let's talk about the food na lang. ;)

We had one other pizza just for variety, but any pizza that reminds you of Mike Abundo if he were from Jamaica should really be avoided at all costs, I guess. :P

Afterwards, we had a nightcap at Gloria Jean's (sorta), where they had a bunch of beers. Yes, GJ's was outdoors. I just spent time talking to them, since I don't really drink, and we were planning to make our debuts as video bloggers in the worst way possible...

There were serious conversations to be had, but for the most part, I took it all in stride. I tried convincing them about a certain viewpoint I had, and to some extent, I did that right, but the sad thing is, they just might be right on this count... ::grumble::

.:Heaven Denied...:.

I'm not hosting the fair. Oh, well... Haha.

.:Today's LSS...:.

No explanation necessary...

by Tamia

Sometimes i sit at home and wonder how it would be
If she had loved me, truly loved me,yes
I learned a while ago that kind of thing it never happens for me
And so i go around and just pretend love is not for me
I play the circus clown around my friends
Make them laugh and they wont see that
You never let them see you sweat don't want them to think
The pain runs deep, Lord knows it's killing me...

So I fix up my hair and put a smile on my face
And if anyone asks me everything is okay
I'm laughing 'cause no one knows the joke is on me
'Cause I'm dyin' inside with my pride
And a smile on my face, on my face
Singing, la la la, la la, lalala, la la, la la,
la la, la la, la la, la la la laaaa...

Sometimes I sit at home by the phone hopin' she might call me
But she don't call me but then I realize dreams come true
Aren't for guys like me not like me
And so I go around with my head up like it ain't no thing
And when the girls around with all my friends I'm into other things
'Cause you never let them see you sweat don't want them to think
The pain runs deep, Lord knows it's killing me...

(CHORUS except last two lines)

It's not easy (thing to do)
Sometimes it's hard to (face the truth)
It's not the life that I would choose
But what else can I do if she don't love me
No if she don't want me
Even though I just wanna sit around let myself go (gooooo)


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Prudence said...

Nobody can tell you what to do, anyway. But then, at least, you've heard all possible reasonable perspectives. Smile!