Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Radio Rumor Mill In Focus...

.:Where Do We Go From Here?:.

I recently applied in a few radio stations, but I've spoken the most to RT and JAM 88.3. Am I headed back into radio soon? Well, that's the prerogative of the radio stations, so to be honest, I can't say.

This situation bears watching.

.:Campus Radio Part 3?:.

In my Campus 99.5 Megapost, a very recent comment came up, referencing a thread in Pinoy Exchange that mentioned a possible comeback for Campus Radio in 2009.

Naturally, I was skeptical about this, especially when there was mention of a shortlist of jocks who are "a lock" to get into the new Campus Air Force, since it mentioned yours truly, and yet I haven't heard a single peep about this.

Naturally, I decided to turn to the people who would know best about this situation, so I asked John Hendrix about the veracity of this supposed possible return for Campus Radio...

Lo and behold, the rumors aren't a hoax! While details are still understandably not there, the main idea is that the plans definitely are there. I'm hopeful for the Campus Air Force because I love those guys, so it doesn't matter if this is already a third incarnation for the Campus...

Having said that, here's a text message from John Hendrix, and remember, I'm just the messenger here... I try my best not to have enemies in the industry...

"Hahahaha, yes there are plans, Marcelle! :) Campus didn't "die" a natural death, as naysayers and detractors are wont to say. It was assassinated by cowards. :) And we all know who those gutless traitors are, hehe."

And with that, John Hendrix has just pretty much revealed that come 2009, we might be faced with the return of Campus Radio as we know it.

I, for one, am anticipating this with bated breath.

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Athrun said...

Really? Hope it will! Can I apply? heehee! ^_^