Monday, June 14, 2010

Project 365 (179/365): Coin Bite

.:179/365: Coin Bite:.

David Blaine made this popular, as did the movie entitled “Click”, if I’m not mistaken. A highly-requested and highly-exposed routine, the coin bite is exactly what the name of the trick indicates: a routine involving biting off a piece of a coin and then spitting it right back on.

It’s a pretty nifty routine, and requires a bit of audience management, but I’m sure you can go places with it so long as the audience has never seen the coin bite before (That’s the hard part, unfortunately.).

As you might notice, self-explanatory routines with an excellent video to boot result in relatively short entries. Regardless, I’m sure the coin bite as a routine certainly speaks for itself, and has managed to amaze plenty of people for a long while already.

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