Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The End Of Many An Era...

.:More Bits From The POC!:.

I managed to have an article published again for Blogwatch, and this time, it’s all about sex education. The RH Bill brouhaha is still far from over.

Meantime, my good friend, Fabucelles, is starting a new series aside from his/her regular “Eh Ano Ngayon” bits. He/she’s tackling our soap opera stars, and the opening salvo is all about Kim Chiu. This ought to be good.

.:The End Of Many An Era...:.

The past couple of weeks, we have seen a lot of things come to a halt after years of having grown accustomed to them. It’s been weird seeing how these things just disappear right before our very eyes, but what can I say? I guess some things just can’t last for as long as we want them to.

Requiem In Pace

The past couple of weeks saw the demise of two great personalities in the entertainment industry: Gary Coleman and Dennis Hopper. I was never a huge fan of either, but I sure would miss both of them, especially Christopher Walken and his sheer insanity with whatever character he decides to portray. Gary Coleman’s passing was most unfortunate, though, as it seemed to be a result of an unfortunate accident that could’ve been prevented.

2009 was really marred by tragedies, so let’s hope that 2010 doesn’t follow suit, although after Francis M and Michael Jackson and Ondoy, it’s hard to think of a string of tragedies to top that. Personally, I hope to never have to find out what it takes to top that.

So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish

Recently, Mag:Net Bonifacio High Street has closed shop once and for all as well. This shocking turn of events has left a lot of Rockeoke and SPIT fans suddenly homeless and nothing to do on Mondays and Thursday nights. True, the Comedy Cartel still exists to perform on Mondays and Thursdays, but while Monday night in Spicy Fingers is okay for the people in the Fort area, the insurmountable trip on Thursdays to Votre may prove to be too much of a problem.

I was there during the last SPIT show with MarkPoa, Addy, and Wilson, so it was a pretty fun night. We even ran into Christian Silva, although he was with his other friends, and of course, SPIT was extra hyped that night. It wasn’t the last show for them by any means, as they still perform in Katipunan, but there was something about that night that simply made SPIT even more fun than it normally is, and I still cannot fathom how good these improve comedians really are.

I didn’t stay on for the Rockeoke swan song though, as I didn’t have anyone else with me by then. It didn’t seem wise to Rockeoke on your own, as that’s a pretty depressing thing to do.

The Schism

Standup comedy in the Philippines as I know it has forever been changed. I don’t really know if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but I guess we’ll just have to see in the coming months.

Last Friday’s show featuring Jon Santos and Tim Tayag was definitely a hilarious night, and with all the talks about big things coming up for the Comedy Cartel soon, everyone’s definitely excited about what could very well be an explosion for Pinoy standup comedy. Whether this is an explosion of the good or bad kind unfortunately remains to be seen.

For now, this situation bears watching.

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