Thursday, June 17, 2010

Project 365 (182/365): Richard Sanders

.:182/365: Richard Sanders:.

Richard Sanders is one half of the Sankey-Sanders sessions, and like Jay Sankey, a very accomplished and prolific producer of quality magic. When you look at his resume of material, from Fiber Optics to Interlace to Tagged, he definitely has a lot of great street magic to go around, and I’m definitely a fan of his effective teaching style and his comedic approach that doesn’t get in the way of his magic.

Sanders is already a household name among many performers because of his skill and wide range of material. He has excellent card routines, knuckle busters, a ring routine, a top-notch rope routine, and many other noteworthy highlights in his career. Having been a great performer for over a decade already, he manages to mix his infectious comedic stylings in harmoniously with his brilliant performances, all the while emphasizing just how good he really is when given the chance to really wow people.

A three-time “Magician of the Year” at Magic Montreal, his credentials certainly speak for themselves, and people are always free to check him out, even book him, if they wish, at his website.

And since I tend to be writing and giving glowing reviews about a lot of still-active magicians over the course of the Project 365, I decided that from this day on, I’d give a chance for people to reach these performers via their websites if the information is available to me. That way, I could be helping them out in my own way by vouching for them as a working performer who has also cut his teeth in the tumultuous but rewarding world of magic. All due apologies to other magicians I have brought up in the past, though, as they obviously won’t be reaping this mild benefit.

In any case, I hope you guys get to appreciate the genius that is Richard Sanders. This man has given so much to the magic industry, and he just keeps on giving with each new idea he comes up with. Truly, he is one of the best performers to ever hail from the land of the maple leaf.

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