Friday, June 22, 2012

What's The Bus, Tell Me What's A-Happening?

.:A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum...:.

... Oh, I meant the radio station. This happened a few days ago, but I think it's still pretty interesting to share.

So there I was inside the bus, and as I was about to head to a seat, I saw a woman standing and pointed her at the seat I was supposed to occupy. She thanked me, and then I found a seat behind her in the rearmost row of the bus.

A man sat to my left, very shifty-eyed, and he seemed to be looking at the phone in my breast pocket and the iPhone the Korean to my right was holding. This was all, sadly, my realization upon hindsight, and it's not like I would have had any right to do anything about him before he tried to make a play to steal anything, right?

Stop clowning around or I will blow your head off!

Well, at some point, he seemed to be about to get off, but I noticed he was holding something in his hand. It turns out, this was a knife, and he used the shock of the knife and his nonchalant attitude to plain snatch the bracelet the lady I mentioned earlier happened to be wearing.

It happened in slow motion to me, but I realized that with him holding a bladed weapon and this being a bus, it wasn't a good idea to try and take him down. He could have accomplices, and even without that, it's a bladed weapon in his right hand. I felt a tad guilty I wasn't able to stop the criminal, but I was relieved that the lady, sans the stolen bracelet, appeared to be all right, albeit a bit shook up by the incident.

At no point did the conductor try to help or so much as ask the woman how she was. Neither did he try to help the other woman the snatcher victimized as he was casually strolling down the bus. I don't want to make any speculations about his complicity in the incident, but it was mighty disappointing he didn't even so much as check on the two victims.

Almost immediately after this piece of scum disembarked from the bus, another one stood up.

Yeah, it was a bus preacher.

But not a machine gun preacher, sadly.

So. Inside a bus filled with people who were just robbed by a piece of scum, what does this second piece of scum do? Why, fleece shaken and disoriented people for money for no visible cause. What was that money for? What group did she represent? Did she just casually ignore that there were at least three Muslims in the bus, too?

Did this bus preacher even give a damn that two people were robbed in the bus? Did this preacher have the sensitivity realize that saying "God is good, God is great" to two people who could have been stabbed is cloying and patronizing at best?

Probably not, eh?

I realize that for the most part, they are free to evangelize in buses, unless the conductors asked them to stop. It's not like atheists, Muslims, or other groups are prevented from doing it themselves. Then again, what are the odds that they're more likely to stop a non-Christian evangelist on a bus? Workers on strike tend to be ushered down from buses before they could ask for help from people.

True, I realize that there isn't really a law against them (Or is there?). But can you blame me for being annoyed at them? You keep telling me how good God is, and how he loves us all. Then you hook us in by telling us that IF we love God, we'd contribute to your cause. And then you hand us blank white envelopes, and we have zero idea where that money is going.

Your message couldn't have be made any clearer even if you were to brandish a bladed weapon while you told us how good God is. Or else.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 said it best: there is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heaven.

So bugger off the bus and stop extorting people who just want a quiet bus ride home for the sake of your god. Or so you say. We were already held up once. You didn't have to do it again so soon.

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