Monday, June 25, 2012


.:Over A Year Ago, And Yet...:.

In 2010, I wrote this comedy article about Demi Lovato and her rehab, as I speculated about what the circumstances behind it might have been.

To this day, I get about one to two comments a week that I just reject, addressing my article as if it were serious, calling me a liar, among other things.

I'm sorry, but I find all of this pretty funny. What part of "comedy, satire, snark" in the tags made them think the post was even remotely serious?

.:There Goes That...:.

When LeBron James won his first ever championship after nine seasons in the NBA, I felt a bit bad about the fact that I couldn't use my LeBron jokes anymore, and I didn't have the heart to use the same jokes on Kevin Durant because I actually like the dude.

It's interesting, though. I mean, where does LBJ go from here, though? Will it be possible for the Heat to establish a dynasty, or was this just a period in flux before the next batch of superstars wrestle dominance away from the Heat before it can even truly assert itself?

Sure, I'm definitely a LeBron hater. I won't deny it. Despite that, it's an interesting mental exercise to see where he's going.

I especially want to know how Erik Spoelstra, for that matter, is feeling about the fact that he seems to be the only Pinoy making waves internationally who doesn't have Pinoys wanting to sing his praises to the highest heavens. Poor guy.

.:I Don't Understand...:.

Why people take you for granted and just take everything they can get from you, only to push you away the minute they find it convenient to do so.

I thought highly of you. I really did. Sadly, I find myself just absolutely disappointed instead. I wish I understood. I wish you just sat me down and talked to me, and made me see why you're doing this to me.

I really don't get it. I wish I did. Unfortunately, I find myself devastated because even when you shouldn't, you matter to me. Way too much.

All I know is, even if you wouldn't believe me, I gave you my all.

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