Monday, June 25, 2012

Film Reviews: Kimmy Dora 2, Prometheus, Rock Of Ages

Three film reviews in one go. I wanted to try and do a stylized "thumbs up" rating system, but I don't think I've figured it out just yet.

So maybe I will do that in the future when I've fully revamped how I rank films, but for now? Let's stick to the letter grade system, I guess?

.:Film Review: Kimmy Dora 2:.

Absurd doesn't even begin to cover it.

Kimmy Dora 2
Barely disproving how some things should be left well enough alone.

So. More than two years ago, I raved briefly about Kimmy Dora 1, which, to me, was a crowning achievement for comedy. Eugene Domingo showed why she was A-List level, and proved that her comedic chops have gone so underappreciated for so long.

Today, we hear people complain that she is overrated. How fickle the arrows of fate, indeed!

I don't really feel the need to focus on talking about the storyline, because Kimmy Dora isn't really a movie that was supposed to make sense. Sadly, the more they tried to make it have a semblance of structure, the worse the film suffered for it.

This isn't to say that Kimmy Dora 2 is a bad film, by any stretch of imagination. It's just that it had the enormity of the first film weighing on its shoulders, and it ended up tripping all over itself.

Given that I knew Alodia personally, it actually felt a bit weird seeing her try to be scary. I'm sure it terrified a few moviegoers, but with me, it just felt surreal, much in the same way it felt when I saw Trixie while I was watching the Temptation Island remake.

In any case, I enjoyed the movie, until it get to the really protracted fight scene, with Mura, a lot of stupid choreography, and a missed joke of sealing off the book using the packing tape they had a running joke on for a notable chunk of the film. I don't really feel like getting into the details too much, but the fight left me cold, especially when I heard the words "sl**" and "whore" about ten thousand times too many. Not exactly a very feel-good part there for feminists and their allies, I'm guessing.

Here's hoping they don't try to milk this franchise to the ground the way Enteng Kabisote has been doing, but hey, people need to eat, I guess.

On a personal note, I'm very proud of Alodia. A fairly good first outing, definitely!

Fun Rating: B (It could have been at least an A-, but the dragging finale ruined the flow of the film for me.)
Critical Rating: C+ (I think it was a little too self-aware for its own good, and started taking itself seriously at the same time. A weird, disastrous combination.)

.:Film Review: Prometheus:.

To think I'm squeamish...

A prequel to a franchise I never really followed.

This was the second straight film I ended up watching with Ms. NKOTB, and I just absolutely freaked out. Not knowing what to expect other than "this is a prequel to the Aliens film series," I really was unsure what the film was actually about.

It was a pretty start-studded cast, what with Michael Fassbender and Charlize Theron, at the very least. Depicting the journey of the ship called Prometheus, they embark on a quest to find perhaps the people who created humankind, and gain answers from them. Except this encounter only leads to more questions, because now, we find out that our supposed creators want all of us dead. Why? What's going on?

I'd say much more about it, but I think I closed my eyes halfway through it. Still, it was a pretty good film, and the buildup to the payoff was pretty well-crafted.

Fun Rating: A- (Thrills, chills, and spills. Hard to go wrong with that.)
Critical Rating: A- (Excellent pacing, beautiful cinematography, top-notch cast. I'm sure I'd rate this higher if I were a fan of the Alien franchise, though.)

.:Film Review: Rock Of Ages:.

Beautiful! And the movie was cool, too.

Rock Of Ages
Musicals rock!

I am a sucker for musicals. This was awesome. Go watch it.

Okay, if that wasn't enough to convince you, then allow me to explain: Rock Of Ages is a musical set in the 80's Glam Rock era, where you have Los Angeles playing as the land of opportunity for wannabe singers hoping to make something of themselves, and perhaps doing a dance or two for the sake of a Paul Heyman analog.

With Tom Cruise playing Stacee Jax, the beleaguered artist who oozes amazing sex appeal and cracktastic insanity, the casting has been inspired, to say the least. Who knew that Tom could actually sing and sing very well? I mean, doing his own stunts in Mission Impossible 4 (Including that crazy building climb he did without using CGI or a special made-up set.)? That was scary enough. But actually singing his own songs? Possibly even scarier.

With a very engaging storyline that I don't feel like getting on, I was just happily singing along to the songs playing throughout the whole film. It was a great trek, and Alec Baldwin + Russel Brand was a thing of beauty, and my absolute favorite bit in that film.

Overall, if you like singing along to musicals, this is a perfect film for you to do it in. I understand some liberties were taken with the original script from the theater version, but whatever. Rock Of Ages was beautiful, and I don't care what the naysayers had to say. This felt like an episode of Glee done right, and that deserves a whole lot of props.

Fun Rating: A+ (I was singing along! That's the mark of a great musical, in my book.)
Critical Rating: B+ (It isn't really avant garde storytelling, but who cares?)

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