Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Just a short note:

Yes, I checked my blog archives, and YES, I did mention I wasn't able to train at the time because Brad Turvey was in the mix on a Tuesday.

Lest I be misunderstood again, I merely meant that I didn't know that I couldn't train on a Tuesday. I certainly didn't mean anything bad by saying it, because:

- I tried to train with Chico for Radio 1 last Tuesday, but he wasn’t the one manning the board. To make matters worse, with Brad Turvey in the mix, there really isn’t room for me to train and all. I suppose this Saturday will have to do. All those on-air antics were really fun, and I got to meet Ate Lea again after the longest time. She was really nice… unfortunately for me, the tickets I have for the anniversary party tonight might go to waste. Most of the people I invited couldn’t avail of it…

There. Those were my exact words, taken right from my August archives. I think that should clear it up. Hey, Paolo! I hope this clarification is good enough for you! :)

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