Wednesday, December 01, 2004

.:My Good Deed:.

And so I had a boardwork last Monday with nothing but pure heartbreak songs like “Burn” by Usher, “Thinkin' 'Bout My Ex” by Janet Jackson, “Before I Let You Go” by Freestyle, “Closure” by Gerald Levert, “The Saddest Love Song” by For Real, and “Water Runs Dry” by Boyz II Men. For the most part, I really hit a nerve with the listeners, who just texted one after the other, all requesting for their respective heartbreak songs of choice. I guess everybody needs a little catharsis sometimes.

As I wanted to cheer up a good friend of mine, I was supposed to bring her some ice cream as comfort food, but Monday's heavy rainfall indicated that ice cream is not the smartest idea. Jda and I debated on the air after I sneaked in Jason Mraz's “Sleep All Day” on her boardwork (I wanted to hear a feel-good song before I left... all those sad songs really hit even myself.) what comfort food would be best for that day, and she asked the listeners to text in their suggestions. Lo and behold, I got a bevy of answers from “Arroz Caldo” to “Soupy Snax”, but finally settled on Brazo de Mercedes. I think this was a smart choice, really.

So after my boardwork, I passed by Goldilocks, then went all the way to my friend's house despite the horrible weather. I can only hope she feels better now. Comfort food may not be the cure-all that most people wish it to be, but it's a valid start, and everyone needs to start someplace... I then went to Sta. Lucia to further test out my deck, and I realized how fun Doomsday can really get if it had power already... heh.

Not bad for a holiday...

.:The Top Five:.

... will make a comeback soon enough. I think I have enough of a readership and enough friends to actually generate a decent weekly response this time...

As the case was before, I'd definitely be doing the Top Five on a Friday...


Spent a lot of time at the shop and managed to see how things were going for my deck. I think I've gotten fairly successful, and at the same time, though I cut classes because it slipped my mind to get to class on time, I still managed to be all right for the most part.

Managed to chat with Dominique last night, and it proved to be interesting what his plans are... I'm sure he'd do well with it as long as he can raise the capital, which I believe he already has. On the other hand, my chat with Sacha was rather unproductive. I figure she's too busy chatting with someone else more... important. ;)


Extremely long vituperation here... you have been warned.

One of the most annoying things in my online life is having to open up my e-mail and find that 90% of the e-mails have the prefix FW: attached to them. I am sick and tired of having to cut through the fat and being given thoughtless forwards. Not only is it a simple waste of time, it's also a waste of space, clogging up my inbox if left unchecked for long enough to the point that I suddenly am out of free space. Oh, sure, I'm in Gmail, but that shouldn't be an excuse for people to just keep on forwarding stuff to me.

Equally peeving are these scam e-mails I keep on getting. It's amazing how many people fall for these scams, really.

Let's make it extremely clear:

No, I don't care if I sound so unpatriotic, but Faye San Juan's story does not pull on my heartstrings. No, I don't care either that it's untrue. I don't need any sob stories, and I read the newspaper, so please quit forwarding me Patricia Evangelista's masterpiece of drivel, or her subsequent apology when she realized she was duped and she took everyone for a ride with her.

No, I don't need any hlep to expnad my peknis, nor do I need cheap Viagra, and bah Gawd, a lot of my female friends will never need that for themselves either, yet still people persist. You'd think they could at least spell right to make their sales-pitch heard, but then again, spelling right means automatically getting caught by most spam filters of e-mail services...

No, I never joined any lottery, so quit telling me I won. Neither am I interested in helping out someone smuggle money from Zimbabwe just because they're in a state of war, and I have no bloody idea why you think I'd be the best person to be your patsy, I mean, your “trusted partner”.

No, I don't need any useless information or corny jokes from you. I get the former from Jim Ross and the latter from Jerry the King Lawler already. Dagnabit, considering one of the mailing lists I'm part of is the Chico and Delamar mailing list, it makes me wonder why almost everything there has absolutely nothing to do with Chico and Delamar.

No, I have no respect for your mad copy/paste skillz. Is it really that hard for you to think of something to say? I mean, if you really can't say anything, maybe you can lay off of sending me e-mails?

No, I don't need song lyrics clogging up my inbox when I can Google for it. Heck, I post song lyrics myself but you don't see them clogging up other people's inboxes, do you? In fact, lucky LJ people even have the song cut just in case they don't want to run into it.

No, Jollibee burgers are not made of worms; Max's chickens are not genetically modified; the cookie recipe for Neiman Marcus is not readily available as you think it is; that man in the picture did not kill her. In short, quit being such a sucker for forwarded e-mails just because they claim to be true.

No, Albert Einstein did not make that problem, neither did Bill Gates solve it in fifteen minutes, nor will my sperm count drop if I can't answer that quiz (Though I actually can answer that quiz.). Can't you make up your own puzzles or at least give me something I haven't run into five hundred or so times already? Like maybe the one about the guy who shot himself after eating a bowl of penguin soup. I don't think a good deal of you have heard of that, unoriginal though it may be.

Yes, I love God and I am a Christian, but no, I will not forward your message of good news and it will not weigh on my conscience. This is probably because I really hate emotional blackmail, and it's sad how you emotionally blackmail people on a regular basis, yet you've never even met a good chunk of them, nor would the God you believe in be overtly pleased at you strong-arming people to believe in Him. Besides, I don't forward jokes anyways, so the argument that goes, “funny how easy it is for us to forward jokes when we can't even forward the good news of the Lord” doesn't hold water with me.

And no, God will not strike me with lightning if I didn't forward those e-mails. Neither will bad luck forward me nor will I never find true love for not forwarding your inane chain letters. I have never forwarded one of those, and I'm still alive, aren't I?

If you relate well enough with how I feel about all these forwarded e-mails and spam, then feel free to copy this post and send it to fifteen of your friends in the next ten minutes. I'm sure they'd be pleased about it. ;)

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