Monday, December 13, 2004

Finally done with Fr. Ferriols' long test. I feel a mite bit confident about the whole thing. Perhaps a B would suffice...

.:Today's LSS:.

Heard this song last night, on the way home. Just really brings me back to about a year ago...

Colour Blind
by Darius

Feelin’ blue, while I’m trying to forget the feeling that I miss you
Feelin’ green, when the jealousy swells and it won’t go away in dreams

Feelin’ yellow, I’m confused inside
A little hazy but mellow when I feel your eyes on me

Feelin’ fine! Sublime!
When that smile of yours creeps into my mind

Oh oh

Nobody told me you’d feel so good
Nobody said you’d be so beautiful
Nobody warned me about your smile
You’re the light, you’re the light
When I close my eyes
I’m colour blind

You make me colour blind

Feelin’ red, when you spend all your time with your friends and not me instead
Feelin’ black, when I think about all the things that I feel I lack

Feelin’ jaded, when it’s not gone right
All the colours have faded, then I feel your eyes on me

Feelin’ fine! Sublime!
When that smile of yours creeps into my mind

Mm mm

(Repeat Chorus)

You make me colour blind

Blinded by the light you shine, the colours fade completely
Blinded by you every time, I feel your smile defeat me

I’m colour blind
I just can’t deny this feeling

(Repeat Chorus Twice)

You make me colour blind

I’m colour blind


… get me all pensive and thinking about a lot of things.

One of the biggest thoughts that run through my head is less about what would happen on my own wedding, than “what would happen on the wedding of this special person to me?”

Assuming I weren’t the groom, how would that wedding turn out? Would I be asked to say something? In the case of a male friend (All the more reason I shouldn’t be the groom.), what are my odds of being the best man? Would I get one last dance with a special girl whom I used to love (Or otherwise.) at that point?

Heck, would I even be invited?

I don’t know. It’s just a thought, really. I should develop this piece some more…


April, nice person that she is, gave me a huge box of garlic mushrooms! Oh, wow! My mouth is practically watering just thinking about eating it already… heh. I’m very grateful she thought about offering the extra mushrooms to me, as they don’t call me “Kel the Mushroom” for nothing.

Oh, well. That explains the last part of this post even further, neh?

.:Me, The Stage Son:.

My mom was on TV again, this time making a cameo for “Forever In My Heart” as Regine's doctor. A speaking role again, and the funny thing is, she was also a doctor during her last cameo.

Aba, e ako yung may manager, nauna pa siya mag-artista sa akin! =)

And yes, she'll be on TV again tonight in “Forever In My Heart”... do catch it if you can. She'll be having a confrontation scene with Cindy Kurleto.

.:The Godfather:.

Grace is now making invitations for Steph's baptism next week. I'm the godfather. Gawd, I feel so old. And this is a nice way of making sure that no matter what happens, I'd still be somehow connected to Grace and her family. I find that to be a very good thing, as I am not really a staunch believer in the word “closure”.


So this company named OB is giving away tampons with the slogan “With OB tampons, you never have a period.”

Prior to this whole thing, I have never seen a tampon. I always thought it would be big, like maybe resemble a rolled-up towelette or something. A bunch of people in the table I was were asking this girl about the size of a tampon, holding up different tubes, a pen, and a highlighter to determine the general size of one.

In my infinite curiosity, me and a friend asked for a free sample and proceeded to inspect the tampon. The image reminded us of chalk and Vicks inhalers. At the same time, the females in our table were just as oblivious to tampons, as they obviously didn’t use such a thing… one has to wonder what happens if the string snaps off. The grossest thought was that you’d have to puke it out orally, which is a looooong (And impossible.) way up.

My friend was proudly wearing it like some really weird kind of a keychain… oh, well. I would’ve talked a lot about it more, but this is getting way too… off-color for my tastes… you know me. I’m really wholesome.

Yes, I know it’s politically incorrect, but the girls in the table were laughing even harder than the guys were…

By the way, the package they came in makes for a nice container for my dice… ;)


I've been volleying quite a few SMS's between myself and Abby as of late, given how she seems to be nearing a crossroad in her life, the moment she resigns from her current job. The least I could do is be around for her to count on in a pinch, I guess. In any case, it's been interesting how our messages have been lately. It actually seems... surreal to me, how nice she has been to me as of late. I mean she certainly isn't a bad person (Hades, no!), but she was never one whom I'd expect to contact me often enough after something interesting happens to her during her day.

I don't know if she was right in mentioning that “a lot of people depend on” me, though. I never quite noticed too many people depending on me, really, not that I would mind helping them out, but more likely because most of my friends have other people they'd turn to first, much to my chagrin every now and then.

In any case, the funny thing is she met up with Mr. Bulaong last Saturday at Teranova, where Mr. Bulaong and Mrs. Bulaong were shopping for winter clothes, in anticipation of his trip to Germany for his further studies. Apparently, they chatted with one another, and Abby was introduced as “Marcelle's long-time crush”. Okay. That was a bit... unexpected, coming from one of my former teachers. He then compounded it by telling me over SMS that he did mention... other... HD's I had in college... and maybe even beyond? Oh, well. Teachers are human, too. Wear a mini-skirt, and I doubt they wouldn't look if they're male and at knee level... except in Ethics class. That is just so self-defeating. ::chuckles::

Abby has recently considered further studies in another country, and she now has a potential person to make a recommendation letter for her in Mr. Bulaong. I was actually considering who I'd possibly have as references if I do apply, but I guess I'll pass on that. I don't really need to think about further studies yet, as there's a good chance I won't.

One thing I had to point out in our conversation, though, was that if I were to take up further studies, well, it better not be because I'm trying to prove something to my current academic yardstick. As far as I'm concerned, Philosophy is not the venue for me to have a bull-throwing contest with anyone, let alone someone from an entirely different field. If I have that motivation as a reason to take up Ph.D. studies, then it becomes practically useless... but that's just my opinion, really.

We’ve been having a lot of other conversations all the same over the weekend, and she remembered how funny it was when we used to argue. I never found all of that funny, especially since I now go through all of that with someone else. They always hurt. At the same time, she now knows about my business plan. Hopefully, it’d pan out well enough… I may have hit a nerve unintentionally when I told her that I get pensive over weddings, though.

It’s a bit disorienting, really. Usually, when it comes to my closest friends, they’re the ones cheering me up. Not that I mind the role reversal, but I still have to get used to the whole new setup… I owe it to them.

In the end, it really is the case that what goes around comes around.

.:The Top Ten People I'm Most Grateful To This Year:.

Silly me left my power cord at home... ack. I'm here in Tagaytay right now, for my mom and my stepdad's wedding, and I can barely update, as I only have my laptop's battery to work with. Thankfully, my stepdad's power cord is compatible with my laptop... that helps a lot. I can now blog and play Diablo II at will! ;)

In any case, let's cap off the bottom half of the Top Ten...

6: April Ternida. I can't quite overlook how great a friend April has been, even if for only the latter part of this year, and when neither of us were into debating any longer. She's been a very nice person to talk to, very down-to-earth, rather spiritual, and a wonderful human being, overall. She stands out in the very simple fact that she's one of the few friends I have who are younger than I am, yet there's a kind of wisdom in her beyond her years. It's something I rarely see in people of my age, and it's something all the people in the Top Ten have in common. I feel especially grateful to her, specifically for the cake she made for Grace on our fifth anniversary. That was one unforgettable favor, to say the least.

April and I haven't really known each other for a long while, but I must say that it's been a very refreshing experience to have her around. She's one of the most thoughtful people I've ever known, and I hope that's one thing she keeps being, because that is arguably one of her strongest assets. She is, without a doubt, a keeper of a friend, and I can only hope that the years would be as kind to our friendship as it has been to almost the whole rest of the Top Ten people I'm most grateful to this year.

Thank you very much for this great year, April. You're that bright ray of sunshine in the lives of your friends. I should know. I've been blessed with your company first-hand! =)

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