Thursday, December 23, 2004

.:I'll Post Tomorrow (Perhaps):.

I had a few nice things in mind, but I had so little material to write about yesterday that I decided to hold off on uploading last night's entry and lumping it with a new one instead. I heard a funny Christmas song this morning, about "Chipmunks roasting on an open fire..." Anyone knows who sang that song?

.:Today's LSS:.

I never realized this song was even a remake. Along with another song that sounds like it...

Forever's Not Enough
by Sarah Geronimo

if i would have to live my life again
i'd stay in love with you the way i've been
your love is something no one never can replace
i can't inagine my life with someone else

i promise i will share my life with you
forever's may not be enough it's true
my heart is filled with so much love i feel for you
no words can say how much i love you so

and if forever's not enough for me to love you i'd spend another lifetime baby, if you ask me to there's nothing i won't do
forever's not enough for me to love you so

the say tomorrow seems so far away
and now we see that everything can change
my love for you keeps strongerat tomorrow comes
i know this love will stand the test of time
(repeat chorus)

for you there's nothing i can't do
and ever will i ever go
forever's not enough to love you so
but if forever you ask one day
i'd promise you i would stay
to show you that my love will never end
(repeat chorus 2x)

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