Saturday, December 18, 2004

.:Today's LSS:.

This sounds like yesterday's song, if you think about it...

Wag Na Wag Mong Sasabihin
by Kitchie Nadal

May gusto ka bang sabihin?
at hindi mapakali, ni hindi makatingin
sana'y wag mo na 'tong palipasin
at subukang lutasin, sa mga sinabi mo na........

Ibang nararapat sa akin, na tunay kong mamahalin

oh oh oh oh wag na wag mong sasabihin
na hindi mo nadama itong........ pag-ibig kong handang
ibigay kahit pa kalayaan mo

hindi ko man inaakala, na ako'y isang bituin na walang sasambahin
hindi ko man ito ipakita, abot langit ang daing, sa mga sinabi mo na

(Repeat REFRAIN then CHORUS)

At sa gabi, sinong duduyan sayo?
At sa umaga, ang hangin na hahaplos sayo

(Repeat CHORUS)


Grace and I finally got to go to Ateneo after the longest time. Thing is, Grace really isn't used to going to Ateneo, but we ended up going there because I was in a rush to leave for school but I still wanted to treat her for lunch. I was a bit miffed, though, because WAVE decided to call a meeting on short notice, and I was completely rendered incapable of attending such a meeting on short notice, to say the least. I honestly found that rather annoying...

I ended up taking out my frustrations over the whole deal by racking up a 7-win streak on Marvel vs. Capcom 2, though. What further annoyed me was the fact that I ended up being too ticked off at my other job so much that I decided not to attend the Christmas Party for Quest Broadcasting anymore. Thing is, I would've met some old acquaintances from other stations, like Peachy and CJ the DJ. Nonetheless, whilst my trip to Sta. Lucia was rather unfruitful, my future in Magic looks rather enticing, to say the least. Arvin has found the Mana Drains...

In any case, I had a dearth of hugs the past week, and amidst all the babe watching (Grace actually saw that really cute Chinese girl whose name always escapes me...), and managing to introduce her to a classmate of mine as well as Dr. Barbazza, I finally had a few hugs to tide me over. I sort of got one from Barbie Co as well last time, although it wasn't really an authentic one, truth be told. No big deal...

.:The Top Ten People I'm Most Grateful To This Year:.

And here we are, down to the last two persons I really am grateful to... I guess all things considered, this current person I'm about to talk about really made a difference in my life this year...

2: Sacha Chua. It's no surprise that the person I appreciate only second to one other would be Sach. Inasmuch as we've known each other for years already, it was only this year that we really managed to make headway in our friendship to a point I never conceived possible.

My getting to know Sach was brought about during my freshman year by the fact that I was hanging around the Calf Up, where she was hanging out a year prior. She had her story behind all of that, but the moment I got to know her, I was simply pleased, to say the least. I found her to be a very interesting, intellectual, and wonderful person, and it was no secret that I really wanted to befriend her. We started off our interaction with one another on quite the wrong foot: she wasn't too keen on being my friend, and I was trying too hard to be one to her. Needless to say, things were initially... icy. It just got to a point where I learned to go with the flow, and we practically built our friendship on the sheer quality of our encounters with one another, be it some lateral thinking puzzle or some other interesting conversation.

Sach was a batch higher than I am, which resulted in my being able to sit in on her classes the moment she started teaching. I would have to say that as far as sheer brilliance, Sacha practically takes the cake on that, as her intellect is a marvel to be privy to. Given my predilection for affairs of the mind, we further clicked in this respect, more so when I started turning towards common ground between us barring lateral thinking puzzles: Philosophy. Sacha has this wide-eyed interest in Philosophy that does my heart good to see from her.

Ironically, I think the turning point to our friendship was the moment she announced to everyone that she was going to go to Japan in August. Something in me just clicked, and I felt that I wanted to make the most out of the time we had left before she left for a while, and hopefully do what I can to make her happy. Of course, sentimental fool that I am, I ended up achieving that at the cost of dealing with severe bouts of separation anxiety. Nonetheless, I was thankful to Sacha then for having made me feel that for once, I was doing a good job as a friend. She gives the second best hugs in the world, the kind of hug that affirms your company's worth to her.

Even when she finally left for Japan, we continued to keep in touch, with the requisite arguments/misconstruances, yet we persist enough to keep the friendship going, knowing what is arguably the most important binding thing about our friendship: that what makes our friendship special is the sheer learning experience the both of us have had all throughout. For my part, I learned better than to regard her as the typical this or that, and simply see how incredibly unique she is. On the other hand, I'd like to think she learned the sheer value of persistence and effort, that which I nearly unfailingly put forward. If she has learned anything more from me, I'd be interested to know, really. The bottom line is that our whole friendship is a learning experience, perhaps a life-changing learning experience, but I can't speak for her.

It can be said that she may sometimes seem to treat people in a generic manner, yet this disputable fact is precisely what makes her moments of thoughtfulness all the more special. I remember a time when I was particularly depressed, and she suddenly called my cellular phone up all the way from Japan in an effort to cheer me up. You'd be hard pressed to come up with a way to beat that wonderful gesture.

It's no secret that I have a curious affinity for her, but all that takes a backseat to my friendship with her.

Sacha, I thank you for this year. I've learned so much, through the emotional roller coaster we've been through for the most part. I'm grateful to you for being a special friend, even a best friend (One-way and unofficial though it may be.) to me. If there is one person in my life that I would long to be regarded as a best friend by, I guess that person would be you, Sach.

Thank you.

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