Tuesday, December 14, 2004

.:Today's LSS:.

Have you guys ever heard this song? Too bad it doesn't carry much legitimacy as a song, unless she's been this involved in relationships at 13 or so years of age...

Never Say Goodbye
by Jojo

Never been in love
Cause a girl like me
Never had someone to care for
Never thought there could be
Someone special for me
And now I'm all in love
Cause a girl like me
Waited patiently for someone
Someone to care for me
And there will never be

No more lonely, no more just me
I've been there before
Ain't goin no more
And now that you're here I
Never wanna say goodbye love
Never wanna be without you
No more cryin, no denyin'
I'm in love with you
And now that you're here I
I never wanna say goodbye love

Now it's time for me
To find out what the first time love could mean
Little scared but its cool
Cause it's worth it
Now I finally fell in love
And I know that it
Gots to be for real (So real)
It's the way that I feel
So come share my world with me
So there will never be


So I'm standin here
Arms open wide
Ready to give my heart
I'm sure this time
Love's gonna last for life
Baby I know things change
And there might be some rain
But the clouds are gonna clear
And the sun is gonna shine again
Shine light on our love baby
So let's make it last forever


Da da da da da

.:More Tampwn@g3:.

I'm sorry. Apparently, a lot of people had opinions about this whole thing... for one, I discovered only yesterday that the main reason I've never seen a tampon in my life is because it was illegal in the country until recently, obviously due to church influence. Oh, well. That made a lot more sense to me...

voldemort02: Now I know what it looks like.

ninjapeps: And that somehow made your life more complete?

At the same time...

mainime: I've never even seen a tampon.

voldemort02: Well, I still have one on me... not in me.

mainime: Benta sa akin, dude! Lol!

.:Skype Is A Godsend:.

Whilst I did the rounds, shilling my mom's cameo appearance on TV last night, I was chatting with Sacha online for the most part (Had a few short conversations with Grace, Maia, and Tita Harvey.). I was telling Tita Harvey about my mom's impending TV cameo, and she may very well have seen the show on TV... heh. In any case, Sach and I were chatting about how things have been, and the funny thing was...

voldemort02: I just hope you don't outgrow this friend of yours.

sachachua83: *snickers*

voldemort02: Wait. I didn't mean that literally. You're not going to get any taller than me any time soon.

Inasmuch as the eight-balling (As I like to put it.) seemed to still be there, I really think we had a genuinely good conversation last night. She was mighty pleased that I took the effort out to download Skype, if only just to voice chat with her for a few minutes. At the same time, she was on a webcam, and she was wearing a black kimono...

The voice chat did wonders for me. It really made me feel a lot happier, as I did miss hearing from her for quite a bit. I was exceptionally happy about the whole deal as to me, it really meant a lot to be able to just get in touch with her like that after all this time. I did ask her to put her left hand over her right shoulder and her right hand over her left shoulder, though, as a favor on the webcam, though. That way, I'd more or less be able to give her a hug...

It was a good time to hear from her, really. She had quite a few stories to tell, and I was immensely pleased about Skype, for the most part. I think I acquitted myself well enough that night...

And no, while I did request her to do stuff on the webcam while we were chatting, I did not request her to take anything off... ::laughs::

.:One Piece Of Advice:.

Because it's too good to lose, since you came this close? Willpower, kapatid. You need to keep your feet on the grounded. You need a dose of Sugarfree. =) No, you don't depress me. I do that to myself just fine. Always good to have you around, my friend. Good night!

Truer words have never been spoken...


I think making comments in class when it’s called for would help liven up the class. As Dr. Ibana’s teaching assistant, I guess I should mostly be ready for golden opportunities such as that. At the same time, it looks like there’s a singing chorale thing going on for WAVE, in anticipation of the Quest broadcasting Christmas party… oh, well. Looks like I’d have my work cut out for myself in that case… I don’t want to go in Filipiniana, though.

.:The Top Ten People I'm Most Grateful To This Year:.

I promised to do the top five differently at this point. A part of me wanted to do something entirely different for each person in the top five, but I was having a hard time figuring out how to do that. In any case, let's continue and pick up from where we left off...

5: Dominique Cimafranca. Dominique and I got acquainted around last year, I believe, at one of Sacha's gatherings at her house. I believe it was a brain-twister day of sorts, and in that gathering, I got introduced to Dominique, and we were having this interesting conversation about the idea that if God were omnipotent and omnicreative, is it possible for him to make a stone so heavy that he couldn't lift it? We were trying to figure out a way out of this seemingly logical dilemma, but we ended up leaving the topic be for another day.

Lo and behold, in a sign that showed me that Dominique was not just a generic acquaintance whom you wouldn't recognize the next time you'd run into him, he e-mailed me less than a week afterwards to give me some online information he found about how to answer this question. We weren't really in touch for the most part at that point, but we had many opportunities shortly afterwards to change that. I even recall a moment where I was dating Grace, and I ran into Dominique in Galleria. I got to introduce the two of them, and it wasn't long before more gatherings enabled me to interact with Dom some more.

Fast forward to the fire-spinning days. Dominique was our chief safety man, which in and by itself is something all the spinners ought to be grateful for. =) In addition to that, we'd often have times where we'd just converse about this or that thing, where he'd steal a snapshot of this cute Chinese girl for me in a Game Con, or maybe steal a snapshot of Sharleen Tan while we were talking to her. Dominique is that kind of friend you know you'd always have a good time and intelligent conversation with.

More importantly, Dominique proves his mettle as a friend in being arguably the only male friend I know of who is perceptive enough to really ask you ever-so-gently if something is wrong, and every single time he does, you know he read you right. He'd then hear you out, offer a couple of jokes (Perhaps a bit off in timing every now and then, but he means well.), try to make light of it, but you know he's not doing it to trivialize your problem, rather, it's clear he's doing it to remind you to lighten up. Kumbaga, malayo naman iyan sa bituka, eh. Dominique isn't fond of giving advice, but he's fond of living out what he feels is the right way to live.

I guess learning things from a friend like Dominique is simply inevitable. Given how wise he is beyond his years (At his age, that's saying a lot... =P), given how patient he can be to hear you out, given how action-oriented he clearly is when he knows he can do something to help, you can't help but appreciate the fact that he's there for you, even during the off-chance that you don't think you need a friend, when in fact, you really do. And that's precisely why he's there for you.

Dominique, thank you for this year. I am happy that you are currently in good company, and company you keep, I categorically say, is certainly blessed, certainly lucky to have you, as you are blessed and lucky conversely. I hope that you somehow stumble upon this entry in the middle of all the wedding and tampon talks, and just realize for a moment that you have here a friend whom you may look down on given his lack of experiential wisdom, but is still there to help you out in whatever way he is capable of, if only to repay the immense kindness you have shown him and the people who are special to him. Thank you very much.

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