Thursday, December 30, 2004

.:Today's LSS:.

This song suits me and Grace so much... just think it over...

Kahit Na
by Bridge

Di na kailangan mag-isip kung tayo nang dalawa
Di sa lahat ng bagay tayo ay magkatugma
Basta't pag-ibig natin ang siyang magdadala
Bahala na

Ang dami-dami mong katwiran nagbibilang ka ba
Masinop ka makalat ako
Naiiyak ka pero natatawa ako
Pabagu-bago ang isip mo nung desidido ako
Eh ano ngayon

Kahit na
Oras-oras tayong di magkasundo
Kahit na
Lagi-lagi tayong may tampuhan
Kahit na
Tayo pa rin diba

Natitiis ba natin ang lambing ng isa't-isa
Mga yakap at halik at kung ano pa
Maliliit na bagay kayang palampasin na
Ganyan talaga

(Repeat Chorus)


While I've improved a bit with my on-air stuff, I still have a few rather unforgivable blunders on the air, and it might result in me having to no longer be boarding with George. That's too bad, really, because I've gotten very comfortable with the idea of boarding with her... sigh.


I finally have the complete DVD set! Let's put it this way... Grace, I love you! Thank you for finding that among the stack of DVD's there in Megamall yesterday! You have no idea how happy you made me to finally have the complete series!!! ::gasps::

.:The Final Salvo:.

I am technically a member of Radio 1 in RX until December 31, 2004. That's a mere one day from now that I'd be officially no longer affiliated with RX.

With that being said, I went to Capones last night for the RX Grand EB Party/Radio 1 Christmas Party to just see how the Radio 1 peeps were doing. It was really fun, to say the least. I'll just do a rundown of people I ran into there, and some significant stuff that happened...

I finally met Sarah and Miguel, the two radio one people whom I always heard on air during Boom's timeslot. I then ran into Li-Anne again, the infamous "Tequila Ten-Shot Girl", and even ran into two high school friends, Mia from Anak Gabay Mo, and Patrick Lantin, my Taekwondo teammate from Don Bosco. Lots of cathing up to be done from the latter three people alone, and then Dizzy Jojo and Troy showed up, further expanding the list of people to talk to.

Of course, Lani Lao was also there, as she helped me find Capones in the first place. She was really nice to talk to, as we've been bonding quite a bit lately, and I'm grateful that I get along with her quite well. She does contrast with me when it comes to our opinions on loyalty in relationships and all, though. It's just fun, really.

Kimberly, the all-around girl, was there, and so were a few jocks like sir Louie, Boom, Fran, Sanya, and Gelli, who was with Patrick. Funny thing there...

Gelli: This guy used to be Radio 1, and now he's working in WAVE. He boards with my favorite dj of all time! *turns to me* You're not my favorite dj, your partner is *laughs*.

Throughout the night, alaskado ako. Toby got there, and the moment he found out I was from WAVE, he was announcing it all over the place, and when I was leaving, they were asking me to "wave" to them.

Li-Anne actually hears me on WAVE. Heh. She says she loves the songs I play during the times I'm boarding... oh, well. Works for me.

Abby and I were exchanging a few text messages throughout the night, as she was pressing me about something I mentioned about Lani... no big deal, though.

The performances during the night were splendid. There was Bridge, who sang today's LSS; Six Cycle Mind, who sang their hits, and two favorite songs that they covered, "Unwell" and "Time After Time"; and Sandwich, who was really great at performing, as they were really getting the crowd on their feet with their songs, and had a great sense of humor. One of them did the creep walk, they played some chords from Kjwan's song when one of the members of Kjwan showed up (And they even imitated his style. Heh.), and even played some chords for "Do You Believe In Me". It was amazing. Lani and I didn't want to leave, if only for that...

Bridge has another song called "Kasama". Jojo joked about the song, singing the title to the tune of "Kahit Na". It was funny.

It was a blast last night, really. I'm glad I'm officially leaving Radio 1 by tomorrow on very good terms with pretty much everyone there. I had a great time, and I'd love to keep in touch with these people. It was really a great moment, to say the least...

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