Friday, April 07, 2006

Here We Go Again....

.:Today's LSS:.

Oh, look. It's the so-so band.

by Cueshe

I believe
We shouldn’t let the moment pass us by
Life’s too short
We shouldn’t wait for the water to run dry

Think about it
Cause we only have one shot at destiny
All I’m asking
Could it possibly be you & me?

So if you’d still go, I’ll understand
Would you give me something just to hold on to?
And if you’ll stay, I’ll hold your hand
Cause I’m truly, madly, crazily in love with you

Time has come
For us to go, our separate ways
God forbid
But my mind is going crazy today

I feel so cold
Feel so numb I’m having nightmares but I’m awake
Help me Lord
Fight this loneliness
Take this pain away

Now that you’re gone, I’m all alone
I’m still hoping that you would come back home
Don’t care how long, but I’m willing to wait
Cause I’m truly, madly, crazily in love with you


Well, a friend of mine, Jeff, is leaving for Dumaguete soon. He's going to be working for about six months there, which kinda cuts down on the Vintage Magic community.

Oh, well.

In any case, it was fun seeing him and some of my other Magic friends on his Bon Voyage party last Wednesday. It was really enjoyable, to say the least, hanging out with them and talking about random stuff like how old Mondu really is...

Of course, it's equally amusing how Rachel, Jeff's girlfriend, was ribbing me about certain things, though. But I'll pass. I guess it was a way to make light of something that has been heavy to me lately...

.:Technically Another Despedida:.

Well, Mr. Dave Brown is back in Japan by now, but not before Tita Harvey and a good chunk of the JGL had a nightcap over at Max Brenner in Greenbelt. Nothing much there, really. It was just a good time to hang around with people, and it was particularly amusing how Charo kept on insisting she was that innocent-looking girl on her camera phone. It must've been her good twin sister. Lol.

.:Off Her Rocker:.

"You know what? Martial Law wasn't as this bad. At least, we still had some measure of freedom."

- Former President Corazon Aquino, comparing Martial Law to the current political situation in the country,

Who in Hades is she kidding? Can you believe this woman? She is hovering dangerously close of wishing Martial Law over what we currently have!

My, my, my. How soon people forget...

.:The Ultimate Massage Parlor:.

Walking along Cubao, I saw this massage parlor...


Waitaminute... what kind of a place calls itself "Manhunt Massage"?

I must do... err... research to find out.

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