Wednesday, April 26, 2006


.:When Every Facet Of My Life Gets Shot To Hades...:.

No LSS for today. Right now, all I know is that every single aspect of my life has been going to the dogs.

All thanks to you.

Can't sleep, can't think straight, can't do jack. Can't even work decently.

And people wonder why my blogging has been cruddy as of late...

Everything's crumbling apart, and I don't know where to go from here...

You just pulled the rug from under me. And now, I don't even know how to redeem myself.

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Anonymous said...

FIRST OF ALL MR. DJ, do you read the comments posted by people who read your blog? Sorry for asking but "I don't think so".

Well, don't let depression take you over. (I had been there several times.) You have a wonderful life ahead for you because God showered you so much blessings that you've probably just forgotten right now because of all the shit (sorry for the pun) that's been happening to you lately. You're still in fact very lucky - other people don't even find career fulfillment, luxuries and worst, LOVE, in their lifetime. Trials happen everyday for a lot of unfortunate mortals but they still survive, they hang on because they believe they are here for a reason.

You are here for great reasons: to do Thy will, to awake and move people that you meet (like me), to find what you truly are and if Fate gives you the chance, to complete the life of another just also praying for you.

God bless you.