Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Climate Of Heroism

.:Trying To make A Difference:.

The difficulty with trying to do good is that one’s work is never quite done.

This is also the reason why people who genuinely wish to help are always looking for more ways to extend their help to people who need it. Just this morning, I was listening to RX 93.1, where I heard Chico and Delamar announce the first ever Monster Scholar. There were four very deserving candidates, and you could hear the sincere regret in Chico and Delle’s voice upon realizing that only one of these four could win.

But RX, being the awesome station that it is, decided to stretch their limits and granted a scholarship to two of the students in contention, instead of just one. You could just hear the gratefulness from Rachel and Ada as they found out that they will be scholars for the upcoming second semester.

Even then, if they had a choice, I’m sure they would’ve allowed all four candidates to win. As people who wish to help, we truly wish to help, but can’t quite give enough.

While I was talking to some people I met at last night’s amazing Samsung event where I actually ended up getting a phone (Is this instant karma for losing mine last Friday?), I pointed out how in vogue volunteerism suddenly became. Yes, I know, it’s a fad, and it may just fade away sooner than we think, but I’d rather that it became a fad than it never did at all. Whether it’s volunteers for Ondoy/Pepeng, or anything else of the sort, I hope this is one fad that never goes out of style. Who cares if it’s a bandwagon effect? It’s one bandwagon we all should get on, to begin with.

Having said that, here are a few more chances to help out...

.:Comedy And Music For A Cause:.

This Wednesday, aside from the regular open mic show at El Pueblo in Ortigas, there will be a special standup set happening in Ditzy Diner around 8:30PM. Tulong Para Sa Kaibigan is a benefit show of music and comedy for someone who recently suffered a stroke. It’s the least we comedians could do for him.

Here’s hoping we catch you there at Ditzy Diner that night. It would certainly be a big deal.

.:StART Here:.

One of my best friends, Elbert Or, is doing a special fundraiser on November 15, a Sunday, at the Podium, from 10AM to 7PM. Essentially, it’s a free sketch-a-thon for a cause, with hopes for pledges and donations for those affected by typhoon Ondoy and Pepeng, particularly the artists.

This is how Elbert plans to spend his birthday, akin to how “Bound And Gagged” for me was my post-birthday celebration. I hope you guys would support him on this endeavour as it’s certainly a worthwhile one. There’s so much more we can do!

.:I Imagine!:.

Imagine there’s no heaven. It’s easy if you try.

Samsung endeared themselves to me earlier this year with their CSR program that ended up giving aid to Atriev, a computer school for the blind.

With their new shoutout contest happening up to November 30, you can be sure that they’re going to be doing even more, not just with the chance to have your very own statement appearing on Folded And Hung hoodies, but you’ll find that a good chunk of the proceeds for these hoodies will actually also be going to Atriev.

It was great meeting the people behind this campaign last night, as I managed to swap very interesting stories with them, not to mention the fact that I also ended up running into my good friend, Alodia that night. And as if they read my previous post, I ended up with a spanking new phone, courtesy of Samsung. How’s that for instant karma!

Earlier this year, we were beset by “insults” over how we are a “nation of servants”. One can only hope that with these new developments that will hopefully persist, we can now look at ourselves as a “nation of heroes”.

And in all seriousness, I hope whoever stole my phone last Friday is using that money to feed his family right now. I’d be really bummed if he’s using it to feed a drug habit, though.

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