Tuesday, October 13, 2009

On Sidebar And Friendster

.:Catch You In Sidebar Tomorrow!:.

After a very unique standup set last Friday night, I’ll be back at Sidebar with the other comedians this Wednesday night. Catch us at El Pueblo! :)

Last Monday's Cartel show at Spicy Fingers was definitely a riot.

.:Friendster’s Interesting Turn Of Events:.

Met up last week with Ben Dunn of Friendster last week, and it was certainly a very cool meeting to say the least.

Admittedly, most of my circles use Facebook exclusively at this point, but given the nature of Friendster and the notorious hElLoW pOwH users, who can blame them, right? Still, Ben was very clear with what he had to say: if we’re not keen on Friendster given how they are right now, we’re simply not the target market.

Despite that, it doesn’t mean Friendster is just stuck the way it is. They’re definitely working on improving their services quite noticeably, and with it, recapturing some of the market that they lost. Friendster, despite its fall from favour with most of the people I know, still has quite a large market to tap into, and definitely has a place in the online scheme of things.

The meeting was rather insightful, and as usual, my Achie was gorgeous. That’s sort of a given, actually.

I wish Friendster all the best. I still keep my account to this day, and unlike my other social networks, I strictly add people in there only if they’re really my friend.

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