Thursday, October 01, 2009

Thoughts On A Fine Thursday...

.:A Weird Birthday, To Say The Least…:.

Spent my birthday mostly just figuring out how to hasten contributions to my October 23 show and immediately channeling them to relief efforts instead of mere gift packs. I think it was a good call, really.

Having said that, I dropped in on RT and saw my former co-jocks from WAVE 891, Robi and Don. It was hilarious having the three of us together again, since not only did I get to promote the show on the air, they even started having fun over my being straight edge. It was a laugh trip, as they tried to get girls to call/go to the station and seduce me, all to no avail.

One particular caller even put on her best bedroom voice to seduce me, but all it did was drive Robi nuts.

Considering how long I’ve know these guys, it felt like a mini-reunion of sorts. Admittedly, the geeky one in the equation will often be the butt of jokes, but hey, it’s all good.

Afterwards, just bonded with a good friend and mentor, Koji Morales, as we updated each other about what’s been going on in life recently. It’s been a hectic week for me, but hey, it’s nothing I couldn’t handle at the moment.

Thanks to the people who remembered my birthday and actually cared enough to greet me. It was a very unique birthday because I was way too preoccupied with everything else but my own birthday, to begin with. In a roundabout way, that could only be a good thing, I guess.

.:Benefit Concerts:.

Though Ondoy has passed, there’s still so much more to be done. Even if Ondoy never hit, there still would be so much more to be done.

That being said, last night, I watched a special fundraiser show in Mag:Net Bonifacio High Street that featured a very rare treat: a special performance from the band called Narda.

I believe today, there will be another special fundraiser in Mandaluyong Gym, featuring the likes of Itchyworms, Sugarfree, and Imago. To watch, just bring relief goods! How awesome a price of entrance can that be?!?

There are so many different ways to help right now, guys, from disseminating information to actually taking part in relief operations to performing for a cause. You pretty much have no excuse at this point to not do anything at all, even if only to look out for the people you care about.

Last weekend, I found myself salvaging a ton of stuff from the house while Ondoy flooded our house. Admittedly, the flood wasn’t that bad – a mere two steps on our stairs, compared to other places. Then again, this is Katipunan. You don’t expect this place to flood just like that, so it was understandably something we weren’t quite prepared for.

Despite that, we made it through safe and sound, and any damages we may have had, be it in my magic items or other similar things, have been minimal at worst, negligible at times.

So at this point, I can now turn my attention to doing what I can, given my limitations. I can only hope everyone else would, too. I know it can be a bit thankless, if reports of hostile evacuees are true, but we do what we must.

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