Saturday, August 28, 2010


.:I Died And Went To Dumpling Heaven:.

The best thing about working with one of the top food bloggers in the country is that he, of all people, would definitely know where it’s good to eat at.

As the new country manager of Nuffnang Philippines brought the team to Makati Shang to try out their dimsum buffet, myself, Patty, Judd, Denise, Trixie, and Anne were all excited over the prospect of hakao, hakao, and more hakao until we couldn’t take it anymore. In fact, Judd and Trixie even had a little wager going on who would eat more, and well, Trixie won it handily.

It was great bonding with the Nuffies, really. Even if they tend to poke fun at me a lot (There’s a rumor going around that I’m gay. Yes. The rumors get pretty unfounded here.) and all, I wouldn’t trade these guys in for the world.

If they threw in a plate full of hakao though, I just might. Nah, I kid, of course.

Last Wednesday was extra amusing because to get over the hump day, we watched “One More Chance”, and I realized that makes two out of three movies from the collection I handed out on June 2, since we watched “500 Days Of Summer” the previous week. Overall, it was pretty fun times, even if the movie does hit a little too close to home, really...

.:Speaking Of Dimsum And Chinese Food...:.

Last Thursday, I was part of an awesome event held by Chow King. Now, I normally don’t go to events anymore due to my unbelievably busy schedule, but I thankfully squeeze this one in, and it was well worth the trip.

As a matter of disclosure, I am a very rabid Kimerald fan. When the invite mentioned they would both be there, wild horses could not have prevented me from getting to the event.

All that aside, though, in the world of marketing, people always tend to ask themselves who the personification of their brand could possibly be, and after some brainstorming, the answer Chow King ended up with was both enlightening and interesting.

You see, every single brand advocate of Chow King just so happens to have a very interesting story to tell. Whether it’s beating the odds for Kim and Gerald, or coming from the wet market for Jericho Rosales, or giving the gift of education for Efren Penaflorida, or the sheer adversity overcome by Bea Alonzo, it’s the taste of victory that is indeed the most delicious.

But really, all niceties aside, I must say that this particular commercial tugs at the heartstrings pretty well:

Seeing Kim Chiu up close and personal as I did, there was no doubt that I was giddy to no end. It was an awesome day all around, and I must emphasize that I especially like their new item, the Chow King Tender Beef Broccoli. Prior to this, their beef dishes were rather limited, and their most notable one was braised beef, so having Tender Beef Broccoli ready in a fast food chain is such a great thing. I kid you not: this is quality stuff we’re talking about, and considering my up frontness about other items and restaurants, when i recommend food, you know I’m not just shilling at this point: it’s good. End of story.

Anyways, I’m still really flabbergasted over Thursday. In the meantime, all you really need to know is that Chow King’s Tender Beef Broccoli is awesome, I am a huge fan of Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson, and you can be sure that victory can taste even better when coupled with great food.

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