Sunday, August 22, 2010

Project 365 Backlog (232/365): Magfi

.:232/365: Magfi:.

Y’know, all things considered, I’m somewhat tempted to make my Project 365 about Philippine magic two months long, particularly since I haven’t settled on a theme yet for September, to begin with. Or maybe just eliminating themes altogether until December, where I can talk about issues in magic that need to be tackled for the new year or something.

Either way, even after the end of August, I would still definitely be having some topics about Philippine magic, since these stories are really riveting and interesting, to say the least.

Anyways, speaking of riveting and interesting, today’s topic is the group known as the Magician’s Foundation, Incorporated. Founded by businessman David Lim through other charter members like Wanlu, Danny Luchavez, and Domenico Tapiador, this group was the first glimpse of a continuing crusade by magicians in elevating the art form and looking out for each other.

Many magicians have been in the country for far longer than the lifespan of Magfi, but only in 1990 did a group by magicians for magicians truly come into fruition, and Magfi was it. Working as a valid organization under both Philippine law and even the International Brotherhood of Magicians, Magfi earned its stripes in the art by assembling a who’s who of magicians out there, including current luminaries such as Jeffrey Tam, Ronnie Moraleta, and a host of other names out there.

While the MCP was mostly a coming together of closeup magicians in its initial stages, Magfi was housed in the tradition of great stage acts, and to this day, even if it has opened up to welcome a few other performers in other genres, it is still the fabled stage acts devised by Magfi members that tend to be etched in everyone’s memories.

In 2004, under Doc Ronnie, Magfi earned the coveted Superior Quality Ring Award from the IBM, thereby cementing its status as one of the most prestigious congregation of magicians not just in the country, but perhaps even in the world.

It’s groups like these that really assure the magic world that the Philippines will continue being a country of note in the world of magic. It’s hard to imagine Philippine magic without IMC or Magfi being there at the forefront, giving the world a chance to take notice of just what we have to offer.

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