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Project 365 (228/365): Ony Carcamo

,.:228/365: Ony Carcamo:.

I was going to feature the bit that sir Ony did for “Bound and Gagged” last 2009, but decided that his award-winning commercials were better highlighted for this particular article.

Now, as sir Ony is not only a magician that I know of, but someone whom I’ve worked with numerous times already, I think that what I would have to say would be less a biographical look into the man, and more about my general experiences involving the guy.

I met sir Ony way back in September, 2008, when I hosted and did magic for a party by Ms. Ayn Monserrate. Immediately, I hit it off with the veteran ventriloquist, as I expressed my wide-eyed admiration for his craft, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that he actually also happened to be a mentalist.

Known as the “Premiere Ventriloquist of the Philippines,” sir Ony is a true artist, who has created many different characters over the years, from the ineffable Mr. Parley to the knee-slap inducing Sampaguita, the multi-talented pig. His very unique approach and undeniable charisma has allowed him to perform both for children and for adults, and one could tell the difference between his kid shows and his adult shows, considering the wealth of material he uses.

Out of everything he has done, sir Ony is very popular because of his finale, which involves taping his mouth whilst his puppet demands for more and more tape to be stuck to his mouth, all the while earning a louder and louder applause each time the puppet barks out the order for more tape. It truly is a sight to behold, whenever he does this, and nobody can question the man’s skill at ventriloquism. In my book, when I try to think of American ventriloquists, probably only Terry Fator could be comparable to him as being on a whole differentlevel, as he writes his own material much like Jeff Dunham, and he has a wide variety of ventriloquism “tricks” like Kevin Johnson.

Overall, in the two years I’ve known this man, I’ve had nothing but the deepest respect and admiration for him and his skills as a ventriloquist, and I vividly recall catching his show, “Amagikomedinayt,” featuring himself, Brod Pete, and Jeffrey Tam in 2009. I just sat there, stupefied at how amazing that entire show was, and resolved to have him in “Bound and Gagged” in the same venue in the same year, which certainly made my show even more memorable than it already was.

But then, this is magic month, and while I can sing all the praises I want about his ventriloquism, that’s not officially considered magic. All the more reason why I was simply amazed at the fact that aside from ventriloquism, sir Ony is also a very accomplished mentalist, having performed some really amazing feats of mind-reading, and even incorporating his puppet into his routines, such as when he did a blindfold routine involving his puppet.

As of late, though, I have had the great honor of performing with sir Ony and of course, Stanley Chi, on a monthly basis in Taumbayan, and we consistently get a good crowd and rave reviews of our performance there. I’d be happy to let you know about the next gig once we have a date set for it.

So to sir Ony, here’s a toast to you, for being an excellent performer, and more importantly, an excellent human being! For those who would like to contact or book this man, you may reach him at this website.

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