Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Project 365 Two-Fer (235-236)

.:235/365: Richard “Trycks” Gutierrez:.

Richard Gutierrez (Not to be confused, again, with the douchebag actor.) is not a legend in the strictest sense of the word. Neither is he a pillar of Philippine magic.

But I’ll be damned if anybody could say he isn’t one of the best at technical execution anyone has ever seen.

Trycks, as he’s fondly called by his friends, is often regarded as a machine. The things the man can do with his hands are simply jaw-dropping, and nobody can deny that his technical execution is always on top form. I’ve known Trycks for about four years already, and every single time I see him, I can’t help but respect his skill and dedication to his craft. Hands as adept as his cannot be human hands. They just can’t.

He’s been doing magic on and off for twelve years. He started learning magic through books from bookstores in Manila. Cheapskate that he was at the time, he couldn’t afford the books and read them in the bookstore. Then again, he chose his influences well, as he patterns himself after Dai Vernon and Ed Marlo, and he is a big fan of pure sleight of hand magic, especially with cards and coins. He practices rigorously, and through his practice, he manages to master amazing feats of sleight of hand over time, and his tenacity at mastering sleights is nothing short of amazing.

While many would notice that Richard’s weakest suit would have to be his patter, he can get away with it because he’s really a sleight of hand expert. This is the kind of guy Penn would kill for if he didn’t already have Teller: someone who is a master of sleights, and has the physical attributes necessary for telling a story without using words. He is also an excellent instructor of magic, and this is why he dreams of having his own magic book or video published when the time comes.

Trycks has a lot of faith in the Filipino’s ability to compete in magic, especially in the close-up world. With guys like Jeffrey Tam tearing it up in the international circles, Trycks’s observation about our capabilities is spot-on and betrays his familiarity with our local community.

I don’t know who originally said this, but when asked for a quotable quote, Richard volunteered this gem: the greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say is impossible. Another gem he offered up was: practice your material until it becomes boring. Then practice it until it becomes beautiful.

For someone as immensely gifted and skilled as Trycks, this man can definitely go places if given the opportunity to. I’m sure of it.

.:236/365: Q and A With Richard “Trycks” Gutierrez:.

1. Who influenced you to get into magic? How long have you been into it?

I've been fascinated with magic since i was 6 years old. I watched Mark Wilson every night on channel 5, and tried to catch any other magic-related shows on TV. The one who really influenced me to get into magic is my cousin when he performed to me a classic trick called the "jack robbers" and a simple card reversal effect. So all in all I’ve been learning magic for 12 years now, I’m 24, going on 25 this September. I await your presents, readers of this blog! ;)

2. What is magic for you?

Magic = Life. My life revolves around magic, so magic is my life.

3. What was your best experience while performing?

My best experience performing magic was when TSC appeared on Drew Arellano’s show, AHA. I performed magic for celebrities like Rhian Ramos and Mark Herras, and even got featured on Chikka Minute after all that!

4. What was your worst experience while performing?

My worst experience performing magic is anytime I perform for my relatives. They’re all hecklers, and they’re uber-suspicious even if you haven’t even moved your hands yet. I bet even David Blaine or David Copperfield would fail to impress my cynical relatives.

5. Which layperson celebrity, local or foreign, do you think would make a great magician?

If by “layman celebrity,” you mean anyone who knows nothing about magic, I’m guessing Angelica Panganiban, Angel Locsin, Heart Evangelista, and Maria Ozawa would all make awesome magicians – but I need to be the one teaching them all. No, really. ;)

6. What is your best advice to everyone reading this who's interested in getting into magic?

Don’t rush and try to learn everything right away. Start slowly. Let your passion carry you through. If you want to be remembered, pick your favourite routine, and master it. Make it your signature act. Strive to be the best guy out there who can do it.

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