Monday, June 27, 2011

Project 52 (26/52): Alone - Heart

.:Project 52 (26/52): Alone - Heart:.

Here's a song that is such a standard in karaoke every single time. That's not to say that this is an overplayed song, or anything to that effect. In fact, it only indicates how popular this song happens to be, and how awesome it really happens to be.

There's really something about this song, to say the least, and with the idea of finding someone alone, and being able to shower them with love and affection, I must say that it's a very suitable song for me this week, especially when I consider that it was Jazminne's birthday last Saturday, which meant I had to do what I can to really catch her by surprise. Needless to say, that all worked out pretty well, and I'm very pleased as punch that she enjoyed the little surprise I had lined up for her.

Anyways, "Alone" is all about finding a chance to really have that special someone in your arms. It's about asking aloud what has to be done to get there, and how difficult it can truly get. That's kind of a very interesting point of view, really, particularly when time or distance gets in the way between you and your love. It is what it is.

Magic in the Philippines has always been turbulent and rather... marginalized. Hopeless romantics among us certainly exist, though, and that's precisely why this song is something you can expect any magician in this country worth his salt to be extra partial towards. Oh, believe me. It's true, even if the sudden sidestep into magic was a bit unexpected, considering this is Project 52.

Nonetheless,as a mentalist, I tend to overthink this song quite a bit, to the point that it makes no sense any longer at times. I've always been a huge fan of Heart, and this song has certainly been one of my favorites, especially when presented with an opportunity to actually dedicate it to someone, as one ought to.

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