Monday, June 27, 2011

PLDT myDSL's Internet To Sawa TRANSFORMS My Internet Experience From Megan Mullaly To Megan Fox

.:Because I Totally Am Watching, Yo!:.

Yes, I said it. PLDT myDSL, with its blazingly fast internet speeds, has transformed my internet experience from this:

You watched Will And Grace, right? You should know her, then.

To this:

But I'm sure you know this one, right?

And it's simple, really.

Megan Mullaly isn't ugly, by any stretch of the imagination. She's funny, she's witty, she played Karen in "Will and Grace," and let's face it: she's been in the entertainment business for long enough. Ugly people don't really have much longevity in that industry, unless they're playing goons in some typical 80's action flick, so it's safe to say she's got her admirers.

And really, my internet experience has always been that way: nothing remarkable or special, but something just plain reliable. While Megan Mullaly could steal any scene from Debra Messing whenever they shared screen time together, it's not like Debra was a comedic genius, anyways, so Ms. Mullaly had it easy, to be honest.

But then, with PLDT myDSL's internet to sawa, Megan Mullaly transformed into Megan Fox! Shazam!

And boy, you know what that means: from steady and reliable, internet just got blazing hot, hot, hot! I mean, when you have a movie about robots, and explosions, and FREAKING ROBOTS, you'd think that the focus would be on them. But no, you'd be mistaken.

Pictured: only the SECOND most exciting thing about the Transformers movie franchise.

Megan Fox almost turned a movie about robots, explosions, and FREAKING ROBOTS into "Megan Fox Looks Hot While Some Robots Go Ka-Blooey In The Background." That's how much of a show-stealer Megan Fox truly was, and that's how amazing internet to sawa by PLDT myDSL really is. When you take solid internet connections for granted already, it takes an astounding level of speed for you to notice it's doing much, much better than "solid" already.

And with that, let me just say that Transformers 3 will probably be an awesome movie, but without Megan Fox in it, TF3 almost feels like a spin-off. I'm just sayin'.

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