Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fabucelles Returns!

.:Fabucelles Is Back!!!:.

The POC has Fabucelles writing a scathing new one for them, covering the whole Jerzon Senador hoopla, essentially pointing out how for more than just a few people, they're so gung-ho about animal rights, yet they're so quick to ignore gay rights while they go into a sanctimonious, self-aggrandizing speech to lambast Jerzon Senador for his obvious travesty, while subjecting him to homophobic speech when gay people had nothing to do with this whole mess anyways...

This frustrates me greatly, because it was unnecessary and uncalled for. I'd be the last person to make excuses for Jerzon's actions, but why are we using "gay" as an insult against him? No, it's not okay. It isn't okay at all to make a sick joke of someone's being, and turn it into a tired punchline. Condemn his actions all you want, but dammit, lay off the homophobia and assorted hate speech.

I'm just dismayed this keeps on happening,to be honest. Every single time, when someone does something wrong, it's so easy for us to just dogpile on the poor guy to the point where the punishment no longer even fits the crime, and we become every bit as inhuman as the person we loathe, completely defeating the purpose of rebuking him for his lack of moral fiber by having none to show for ourselves.

And the ultimate irony of ironies? Few people even realize this when they do it. When we lambasted Boyet Fajardo for power-tripping over someone who did something wrong to him, did we stop to think why what he did was wrong? Remember this?

Well, we are turning into a nation of Boyet Fajardo's. It's so hard for us to show compassion or even restraint in the face of an apology, and in our so-called righteous fury, we hurt people who had nothing to do with the problem along the way. Really? A few days past Rizal's 150th birth anniversary, this is how we show what it means to be a Filipino? To put on an internet tough guy attitude, and then to resort to homophobic slurs to insult someone whose grievous mistake had nothing to do with his sexuality?

How enlightened of all of us! How easy it is to throw stones, without even aiming squarely for our target, and even getting angry when other people who had nothing to do with this issue feel gravely offended! How many of you got annoyed when gays started complaining about being targeted by your hate speech for no apparent reason? How dare these people, with, you know, human rights, get in the way of our armchair crusade for animal rights?!?

Listen. If you wanna be a slacktivist and throw stones on the internet against an animal abuser, make sure you're throwing stones against the animal abuser, and not against the entire LGBT community. They had nothing to do with this, so the least you could do is to leave them the fuck alone.

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